15 More Holiday Ideas to Add to Your Bucket List Travel Dreams Part Four

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Browse 15 More Great Vacation Destination Ideas for Memorable Vacations.

Vacation Destination Ideas

Here you can read brief descriptions of each destination and book hotels and flights at great value for money at Cheap Holidays Abroad.


Paris Vacations

This is definitely one of the most romantic destinations in the world and a definite city in France to add to your bucket list for a holiday of a lifetime.

The beautiful city of Paris is aptly named as the global centre for fine art, the latest fashion, a treat in fine gastronomy and rich culture.

Many people visit this wonderful city more than a few times considering there are such a huge variety of places to see, experiences to enjoy and activities to participate in.

The main attractions are well-known places you will visit from the Luxembourg Gardens to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame and the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

Of course, this hardly scratches the surface of what Paris offers you on your holiday of a lifetime and you will agree that words like fascinating magical, wonderful and breathtaking hardly do this beautiful destination any justice.

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Disneyland Paris Family Holiday

It has been said visiting Disneyland brings out the child in you with the wondrous sights and experiences it offers and Disneyland in Paris is certainly no different.

Many choose a holiday to Disneyland in Paris due to its close proximity and activities abound in sightseeing, and fun suitable for the whole family.

Visit the Disneyland studios park, the Wild West show with Mickey Mouse and friends, and of course you will definitely want to try out the thrills on the amazing water parks during the summer months. To maximize your visit to Paris Disneyland consider taking out all-inclusive tour packages that offer huge savings and take your camera along because here you will build memories together as a family you will reminisce about for years to come.

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Algarve Vacations

The breathtaking beauty of Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost location offers incredible Mediterranean beaches and world-class golf resorts perfect for a beach vacation destination and great for golf enthusiasts as well.

The stunning  ‘Odeceixe Beach’ with its backdrops of cliffs make for awesome panoramic views’ while the white sandy beaches with the ocean in front’ and river formed lagoon behind you make for fabulous luxurious days on the beach soaking up the warm sunshine.

Algarve has much to offer the discerning holidaymaker beside its beautiful beaches with activities that range from fun sports camps to exciting boat tours and water sports including a popular pirate ship cruise.

Choose special guided tours to wonderful historical sites; take time out to enjoy amazing holiday shopping in the ‘Loule Market’, and look forward to incredible water parks where the fun never stops.

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Canary islands vacations

The beautiful collection of the Canary Islands, off the coast of northwestern Africa, are rugged volcanic isles known for their black- and white-sandy beaches and welcoming tropical climate almost all year round.

For holiday makers enjoying the visit to these beautiful islands is best done by planning fully inclusive tour packages because there is such a vast array of sightseeing and activities that can be enjoyed on these Canary Islands.

Whether its historical sites that interest you, adventure, or just relaxation on gorgeous beaches these islands have it all.

Plan full day tours for a wide selection to suit you or your family and look forward to an unforgettable holiday, that will make you wish to come back and visit again as soon as you are able…

Aruba Vacations

Aruba Vacations

The warm sunny weather and pristine light gold beaches of Aruba are just one of the reasons this is a popular destination for tourists.

This tiny Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela is the ultimate destination if you want to relax.

Choose any of the incredible beaches like the eagle, Palm, or ‘Arashi’ beaches and luxuriate in the warn sum while the calm waters lap at the edge of the beach and mild south westerly trade winds keep you cool.

Naturally, there is so much more you can look forward to while visiting Aruba from visiting lovely craft markets to Phillips Exotic animal gardens or rum tasting at the Palmera Rum factory.

Aruba is a place where lifestyles are relaxed so much so that in no time you will feel the same at this sensational holiday destination that remains popular with millions of people all over the world.

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Amalfi Coast vacations


The extremely popular holiday destination the ‘Amalfi Coast’ is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s ‘Sorrentine Peninsula’ located, in the Campania region.

The breathtaking cliffs plunging directly into the sea offer panoramic breathtakingly beautiful scenery and for dining, island shopping and relaxing on the beach this is a first class holiday.

The ‘Amalfi’ coast in Italy is a popular honeymoon destination and during the summer months tourists pack the gorgeous beaches, swarm around sightseeing at the quaint fishing villages, and touring the stunning lemon groves and vintage wineries.

Guided tours at this wonderful holiday spot will help you enjoy the ‘Amalfi’ coast to the fullest and some must see places to visit definitely include the spectacular ‘Duomo di Salerno’ cathedral and the ‘Valle Delle Ferriere’ a beautiful cascading waterfall in luscious natural surroundings.

Multiple tours are available to see the best ‘Amalfi’ coast has to offer and you will love every day that you visit this delightful Italian island.

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Greece Kos vacations

The magical island of Kos has an abundance of beautiful sandy beaches surrounding this quaint harbour town rich in historical Greek and Roman landmarks that history buffs will love.

Paradise Beach, the Camel Beach and the exotic ‘Xerokambos’ beach are all must visit spots if you enjoy a beach vacation where your mission is to soak up the sun and relax and unwind from the stressful life.

Activities are plentiful from guided tours to visit spectacular ancient ruins to sightseeing some of the most beautiful nature parks, and drinking in the architectural beauty of cathedrals and churches.

If you are the adventurous type boat tours and water sports await and nightlife in gorgeous clubs and bars or fine dining will allow holidaymakers a fun-filled memorable vacation that they will definitely give two thumbs up!

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Norway vacations

The wonders of Norway continue to make it one of the most incredible holiday experiences any traveller can look forward to while being awed in a country where the day never ends.

The 76 days of the midnight sun occur between May and July and travelling farther north you can get even more days of this breathtaking phenomena.

Where it concerns holiday activities every traveller will delight in exploring this magical country of reindeer, whales and other indigenous wildlife.

Choose from many sightseeing tours and activities at night during these weeks, from fun midnight golfing, cycling tours, river paddling or sea kayaking. Inland safaris allow you to explore a magical wilderness cloaked in night light sights that will remain emblazoned in your mind forever.

Book a holiday to the land of the midnight sun and look forward to experiencing unsurpassed by many other holiday destinations.

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Bali vacations

Almost everyone has heard of the magical Indonesian island Bali and if this is not on your bucket list for ‘must’ places to visit it certainly should be. Bali attracts millions of visitors that come to experience the awe of sightseeing majestic forested volcanic mountains,  the vast iconic rice paddies, stunning beaches and pristine unspoiled coral reefs.

Already a popular spot for yoga and meditation revellers and fundis the island of Bali is a peaceful holiday getaway that offers you many places where you can unwind and ultimately relax or participate in fun activities in a variety of choice.

While planning your holiday be sure to book guided tours to stunning sightseeing at the Tanah Lot Temple, the terraced scenic beauty of the ‘Tegallalang Rice Terraces’, and the ‘Ubud Art’ market.

These are just a few examples of dozens of wonderful experiences you can look forward to when visiting the beautiful island of Bali.

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Morocco vacations

Visiting the West Coast of Morocco can be one of the most unforgettable vacations of a lifetime if you plan to visit the must-see attractions which range from visiting public steam baths called ‘hammam’ to the beautiful sights of The famous ‘Majorelle Gardens’ in Marrakech.

Guided tours are best to maximize the experience of visiting this beautiful destination, and if it is beaches you are after then the west coast offers surfers a paradise. For those, that desire to just relax the warm sandy beaches and long days of luxurious sunshine are the perfect medicine.

The Morocco west coast offers many holiday activities to satisfy even the fussiest tourists from fine dining authentic gourmet cuisine to exciting nightlife and pampering in luxury accommodations.

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The Spanish island of Majorca offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world like the ‘Playa de Ses Illetes’ and the ‘Playa de Muro Beach’ just two examples of the many at this fascinating holiday destination.

Fabulous exciting water parks and amusement parks are plentiful making this also the perfect family getaway and activities and nightlife will make every day while visiting Majorca magical in every aspect.

If it is the history you want to explore, then Majorca also offers its fair share like the spectacular ‘La Mola de Menorca’ and the ‘Convent Saint Agusti Ciutadella’

Guided tours can show you the sensational landmarks take you to visit incredible nature reserves and if you prefer there are dozens of zoos and aquariums to visit.

When you want to immerse yourself in wonderful culture and experience a lifestyle that is laid back and relaxed choose Majorca and get it all to make a lifetime of memories.

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Aegean Island vacations

The Mysterious Greek Aegean islands attract tourists from all over the world and while on holiday here you will realize that there are dozens of incredible museums to visit historical awe-inspiring sites and interesting folklore legends. This is a great vacation destination for the whole family.

Relax in the warm sun on the gorgeous ‘Lemonakia or Thanos’ Beaches, just two examples of many and plan tours that will ensure you miss nothing this magical island has to offer.

The thought-provoking ancient ruins, and architectural wonders of cathedrals and churches, the incredible nature parks and lots more activities, will keep you enraptured on this beautiful island while holidaying here.

Dozens of art galleries exotic shopping and fine dining add to the wondrous experience of visiting the Greek Aegean islands for a holiday you will never forget.

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Alaska vacations

Your holiday in Alaska offers you an abundance of wide open spaces, majestic mountains, pristine lakes and forests, teeming with indigenous wildlife and many quaint small towns.

This beautiful country located northwest of Canada; Alaska offers tourists an experience that is simply unmatched when it concerns activities, sightseeing and educational experiences.

Expansive nature reserve guided tours, picturesque scenic hiking trails and daily cruises offer you to explore this amazing country to enjoy everything to the fullest.

Alaska is perfect for the adventurous holidaymakers offering outdoor activities in a wide array to choose from including white water rafting skiing, mountain biking and kayaking and tins more.

Where it concerns marine life dolphin and whale watching have awed many h a holidaymaker and if you have a hankering for game fishing Alaska offers you something special in fishing charters.

Definitely, the perfect holiday experience awaits and traveller that wants more than just a getaway!

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Costa Brava vacations

The coastal region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain known as Costa Brava is a gem of a vacation destination and the magnificent beaches, panoramic scenery and the endless choice in water sports and recreation, make it a holiday maker’s paradise in every aspect.

Maximizing enjoyment of experiencing Costa Brava in all its glory is best done by taking advantage of dozens of tours available.

Visit water and amusement parks, beautiful nature areas, historical landmarks and magical castles in this region and if it’s exotic shopping that you want to rest assured Costa Brava markets will not disappoint you!

Sample tantalizing gourmet food and wines you will only find at Costa Brava and if its nightlife that lures you the many clubs and cosy bars will keep you happy all night long. Book your perfect holiday of a lifetime by choosing to visit Costa Brava in Spain.

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La Palma Vacations

The Spanish island La Palma in the Canary Islands region delights tourists that visit it coming from all over the world and you will definitely love this vibrant destination.

Activities and sightseeing will thrill you when you go on tours to visit speciality museums, incredible unspoiled nature reserves and carefully selected lookouts that offer tourist scenic picturesque panoramic views that stretch forever in every direction.

Boat tours, fun water sports and many outdoor activities all add to the enjoyment of visiting this jewel of a vacation destination that will make memories you will cherish forever and share with others for years to come.

Make sure to plan tours to visit exceptional points of interest like the ‘Salinas Marinas de Fuencaliente’ and the ‘Balcones de la Avenida Maritima’ that is an entire street with balconies on lovely architecture that has remained the same for decades!

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