5 Tips That Will Show you How To Be Happy and Live a Fulfilled Life Through Simplicity.

Happiness Through Simplicity

Here is Some Simple Advice On How to Be Happy… Take it or Stay Miserable?

How to be Happy

Remind Yourself to be Happy Like the Child in You Once Was!

We have ourselves to blame for over-complicating our lives. Think back how simple everything used to be when you were a child, day or night, yes or no, black or white…

Today we are caught up in a society that is, stressed-out, anxious, pressured, agitated, and unhappy, mixed up in a chase for wealth, something we believe is the root to for us to be happy? Perhaps you are someone that doesn’t really know what will make you happy, and cannot quite put your finger on it?

This advice on how to be happy will hopefully put you back on track…..

Our Programmed Minds… Need to be De-programmed!

The feelings we experience on a daily basis are regret, fear, stress, worry, disappointments, making comparisons with others, anxiety of what is going to happen next, and we constantly focus on what others are thinking of you. Our lifestyles we create….cause our minds to be programmed

Another problem is that you are unconsciously programmed particularly by today’s technology and the media! This programming we are bombarded with places you on a path of trying to keep up with what the media is telling you to do, ‘eat this not that’, ‘wear this not that’, ‘be careful of doing this otherwise’ that will happen.

a Guide to being Happy

You need to look like this to fit in…Social media is another bad culprit! Did you read this on Facebook, twitter, are you on Linkedin…. What Really?????? YOU must RULE social media do NOT let it rule you!

Your peace of mind has flown completely out of the window; your enjoyment of the simple things has been forgotten. Are you sacrificing your well being for the sake of more money, more success, more stuff, bigger better, smarter; just so that you can show off to others that you have made it? Do you remember the simple things in life?

Remember the famous movie ‘Pretty Woman’ based on reminding that rich guy just how wonderful it felt just to walk on the grass barefoot? The simple things…

We Were Happy as Children…

Happiness as children

Change your Outlook on Life Back to Simplicity to Regain Happiness.

I love watching children play in the park, or wherever I am. It brings an unconscious smile to my face, and I realize it’s like a form of meditation for me, because makes my mind feel a calm peacefulness. It makes me feel content because their happiness is infectious…

Children do not have to learn how to be happy…They are naturally happy!

When I am with my granddaughter for another example: I feel completely happy when I am playing with her, listening to her, and loving the wonder she experiences of new places, simple things, and the raw happy innocence she has, something I believe makes all children our angels. Children do not feel they need to belong, and just like i have mentioned, they are naturally happy

Be Happy Like a Child

I call My Granddaughter Princess Ladybird SweetieXX

Our complicated lives, have made us lose this wonder and joy of experiencing the simple things in life when we grow up, and parents can accelerate the loss of this happiness of the simple things if they are rushed, stressed and unhappy. We have become culprits of denying father Christmas exists, the tooth fairy is no more, and there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. what about the delicious fear of the ghosts in the cupboard?

Laughter, happiness is infectious to all those around you, just like you will get a return smile when you smile at someone….most of the time anyway… Stressed anxious people will believe that your smile may have an ulterior motive, because that is the society we have become, a lot of it even thanks to the media…

  1. Want to Be happier, Then Get a Dog!

Happiness in Your Hands

2. Chronic Stress & Anxiety, the Enemy of Happiness

Chronic stress starts happening because the instinctive ‘switch off button flight button’ we have to protect us from danger gets jammed, and as a result of this constant feeling of pressure of perceived danger you start suffering spiritually and physically, because illness will attack your broken immune system.

Our fast paced 21st Century lifestyles stuffed with technology has caused to our peace of mind to be destroyed, and darkened our inner spiritual selves. Get a dog instead of a Smartphone!

I am not saying technology does not have its place, but you need to decide what place it has in your life and that of your children’s

Learning to relax again is now necessary, because it is a natural talent we had, which we lost when we got caught up in fast paced lifestyles. We believe there is not enough time for everything, but there is, and that is the decision that you must make in all areas of your life starting today.

Learn How to Relax

Learning to experience the beauty all around us, and feeling gratitude of the simple things in life again will make you happy , only if we allow it.

You know that the simple things in life are free: the sun on your face, the beauty of nature, the laughter of children, and the dew on the grass in the morning while the sun rises. When did you last make shapes up while looking up at the clouds in the sky? Eat something decadent and enjoy every bite of flavor without guilt!

3. Its Time to Slow Down!

Stressed parents always in a rush, will infect their children to feel the same, and as a result their children will grow up the same, stressed, unhappy, and eventually depressed teenagers, feeling trapped; caught up in the same web of self destruction.

That is why they may turn to drugs, participate in outlandish dangerous activities, and do the wrong things to keep up with their peers, and even later down the line….end up like us where we try and keep up with the ‘Joneses’ to have bigger better, smarter…. (Listen to Cats in the Cradle)

Learn How to Be Happy

4. Ditch the Media for Happiness Regained!

Television, magazines, and newspapers shove all sorts of fear based drivel down your throat. Your are being programmed to buy the right stuff, eat what you are told, visit where you are supposed to, and dress exactly so, to make sure that you are fashionable.

You have the ability to regain happiness through avoiding this media brainwashing. You don’t need 5 cars in the driveway, expensive clothes, a body to die for, and you won’t suffer death from eating a juicy hamburger or a slice of cake. You know what you enjoy so simply enjoy it.

Even the healthiest gym fanatics and athletes have dropped dead in their tracks. Shame if they never enjoyed that thick juicy cheese laden steak, because they were told not to because… Enjoy being just you, whatever rings your bell!


Help to be Happy

There is Happiness all around you…

Feeling Happiness Everyday; Enjoying the Simple Stuff.
Stop believing that happiness can be achieved through prestige, wealth, or even sex. Remember how good you felt in your childhood days when life was so simple….

Start being more conscious of your life, and of being alive! Be conscious about being caught up on a grey treadmill, and mentally make yourself get off it.

Be conscious of your feelings inside you, and listen to your instincts. You do not have to feel bad, fearful, stressed, or being forced down paths you do not want to go down. The awareness of your feelings becomes easier if you are able to stop and meditate for a while, even for a few minutes. That’s a choice by the way and there are a hundred ways to do it. When you know how you feel, you can master changing how you feel!

Tough Enough

5. Change Your Life Because You Can!

How to be happy or happier means changing your job or career. You can get another job to get out of the one you hate! You can wear the sort of clothes you feel comfortable in, and stuff what the next guy thinks of that, because it’s their problem!

You can stop feeling anxious about what the media is brainwashing you about. Just ditch that, and take what you read or watch with a pinch of salt. Surround yourself with like minded happy, simple people, and start opening your eyes to the wonders around you. Play, laugh, dance, and free your spirit to enjoy the world as its your stage.

Simplicity is the key to happiness, so take back control of your life and limit the use of technology to your benefit. The’ Baby Boomer’ generation are living way past the ages of 90, because technology cannot rule their lives. Most of us in this generation hardly know how to use a Smartphone anyway. Do we really need to talk to someone while on the loo, while driving a car, or while shopping …can it wait?

In conclusion; happiness is in your hands, and you have choices that you need to make. Do you need to be reminded of your own mortality when someone close to you dies, or will you enjoy the precious gift of life you have right now?

Another tip … there isn’t one necessary because if you took the time to read this far you have food for thought, and I know you will make a concerted effort to live better, happier and more fulfilled from today.

Happiness is

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