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Guardian Angels

What are Guardian Angels and How to Communicate with Yours?

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What are Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are Gods helpers and they make a sacred vow and pledge to God that they will be with you throughout your life on earth.

Your angels are fully devoted to you and love you implicitly and as a matter of fact, they even share your soul with you. God has truly blessed us to give us guardian angels because the journey through life on earth is a difficult one

Part of the reason your guardian angel is so devoted to you is that they chose you.

The vow your guardian angels took to stand by your side and guide you through life was a very sacred one made with heaven and Spirit itself as a witness.

This means that your guardian angels have a strong sense of duty toward your life because they want what’s best for you but will still respect, the free will that is given to us by God.

The Bible mentions angels in almost every chapter and they are very real guardians of every man woman and child on this planet.

Your Guardian angel is with you while you are soul waiting to be born into a physical body, and they will be with you throughout your life’s journey.

We are born to learn and teach and share and many of us stray from the path and angels will gently guide you back onto it if you allow them.

Many of us don’t believe in angels and this makes it harder for them to do their special works.

Guardian angels will listen if you try to communicate with them and in turn, they will show you undeniable signs that they are with you if you know what to look for.

Everyone has more than one angel and these guardian angels can see clearly what your heart desires are. Learning to pray to the angels is the same as praying to God above, it can be difficult for most people to learn how to pray freely.

Just like you will pray to God above when something is troubling you or you need guidance the same can be done to your guardian angel. Click Below to Learn More…

Guardian Angels

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