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How to Live a Happy Life


After being at the deathbeds of my two brothers, one sister Mother and father, mother in law and father in law, makes you realize that our time on this earth is but fleeting. One minute they are there and the next gone forever… After people you love pass on they leave you with many thoughts, could be regret, could be fear of your own mortality, could be wishing that you had done and said things before it was too late…

My wife and partner for over 35 years suffered from breast cancer and a mastectomy as a result, and a few years after that, quite recently I was devastated and horrified to learn she had developed stage 4 brain cancer and when you are told this terrible news, a lot of things go through your mind!

Thoughts of could’ve would have, should have, self-blame, extreme fear, denial, and many other feelings are experienced when someone close to you gets what you feel is a death sentence.

You also ask yourself why do bad things happen to good people and I can genuinely say my wife was a kind, big-hearted woman, and a pillar of the family. A mother of our two sons, grandchildren and a wonderful wife that I have cherished every moment with…

When we know that the time is ticking away, while we are powerless to do anything to change it, we pray for miracles, we beg God to help us, and we look for any lifeline or options which we hope will make it all go away but the reality is set in stone. When illness strikes we spend hours researching cures, reading stories about others suffering the same fates and seek ways that can help us through a horrifying journey. So many unanswered questions…

A few years ago my sister died from cancer, and in her last days, she kept asking me how long she had to live. It was a terrible question that I never had an answer for.  All I was able to give were reassurances that all would be well and for her to try and think positive.

Most of us live our lives in an endless chase for wealth, believing that being rich will bring us happiness but ask more wealthy people and they will tell you that it doesn’t.

It is the little things in life that count and most of them are free for the taking.

Live your Dream Life

Why I Started My Bucket Wishes.

  • We need to be shaken up and reminded to realize that our time is limited and pause for thought for a while to think about what is important to us.
  • When did you last tell your family and friends that you love them for tomorrow may be too late?
  • When did you last experience the rain on your face or the morning sun and truly appreciate it?
  • When did you last walk barefoot on the grass, smell a flower and enjoy the beauty of nature?
  • When did you last show your gratitude to someone or extend a helping hand to help another?

Those are just some examples of the simple things we forget to enjoy in our lives while we can.

Everyone should have a bucket list of experiences they would like to share with loved ones, or someone close to them. When serious illness strikes it is too late and you can be filled with regrets and soon it is too late. When you are lying ill in a hospital bed then money means nothing and all you can think about is to feel better.

When you are reminded of your own mortality only then may you decide to start living life to the fullest, cherishing every moment like it could be your last!

Lifes Dreams

We all have goals and dreams, and they are well worth striving to achieve, if only just to make precious memories with someone special, and this cannot be bought with any amount of money.

This site may have some useful resources, to help you live your life better. Most importantly don’t wait for tomorrow which may never come.

Rather start thinking how you can enjoy life to the fullest today!

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