Appreciating The Good Experiences and Things Around Us in Our Lives

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Living a Life of Gratitude…..

How to Be Happy

Be Thankful and Love Life!


In our modern built-up, fast-paced world stuffed with technology, and in our constant dash to live as fast as possible to keep up, one tends to forget the small things that really make our life worth living. While there are certain things we can’t control, there are many that we can.

We can slow things down a bit and have a more observant look at things around us like we did when we were children. (See life as through the eyes of a child…)

While browsing Facebook, we often read of many prayer requests, dreams and wishes, of friendship sharing and caring and life happenings.

While reading these simple requests people post, it reminds us of how vulnerable and how similar we all are in our desires for life.

BUT…In our chase after wealth and materialistic things, you can tend to forget that the best things in life are still free.

Real beauty surrounds us every moment which we do not savour anymore.

When did you last really have a close look at nature, even in your own garden, or lie on a blanket outside and look at the clouds working out what shapes you can make up with your wife or your children?



When last did you go out in the rain with no more intention than just getting wet?

When last did you genuinely smile at someone just so that they could smile back?

It is to the detriment of our inner selves that we have forgotten that simple small experiences in life can make our living joyful.  Start thinking about that right now and give some thought to being grateful!

Why Not Make Real-Time to be Grateful……….. We Should All…

Laugh at something, anything, at yourself, a great comedy, with someone else or a memory of something funny. Laughter is really good medicine and your problems will seem less depressing.

Make friends. Try and be as friendly as possible to someone at work or repair an old friendship that may have been damaged. Perhaps you may have forgotten your family is also your friends as are your own children.

Be positive. A positive attitude attracts positive outcomes for everything. Even when things really seem dark, being positive can even provide coincidental solutions and small miracles.

Enjoy a great meal. Drop the diet and really enjoy something you would like to eat for a change without being guilty.

Enjoy the person you are not the person someone else wants you to be. You are YOU!

Be Grateful for What you Have!

Relax. Spend some time looking around your garden and enjoying nature. If you are in a flat get a plant or three, and take care of them as they grow. Even talking to a plant can be relaxing.

Get a pet. Pets love you unconditionally. People with pets live longer too! Take good care of your pet and your pet will take good care of you

Get wet. Walk in the rain or put the garden sprinkler on, and run up and down over it in your clothes. It feels great, and you will also feel ten years younger.

Help someone. Give something small to charity or to a beggar without a grudge or self-righteousness. Be genuine about helping someone with anything no matter how small you think it may be.

Hug someone. Your wife, child, dog cat or even a teddy bear. You will feel like you belong. If you know someone at work who is really feeling down give them a hug without embarrassment.

Walk around the block with someone and chat about everyday things. If you can’t go anywhere call the neighbour to chat about something, and invite them around for a cup of coffee.

How to be Happy

Pray.  YES Pray for someone, for yourself, for the sick, elderly and less fortunate than you are. Unconditional prayer is soul cleansing. Pray regularly and have faith in all good things and good things will happen to you.

Live your life well, but live it never forgetting that the smallest things around you are free, and always think about being grateful. Pass joy to others with a smile, a helping hand or your goodwill.

Wealth plays but a small part of it all…………..





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