10 Bucket List Ideas for Dream Travel Beach Destinations That You Can Afford on a Tight Budget

Beach Holiday Destinations

Choose From One of These Bucket List Ideas to Dream Travel Destinations to Soak Up The Sun on Pristine Beaches!

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Bucket List Ideas for Dream Travel You Can Afford to Warm Sunny Destinations!

Everyone has bucket list ideas of places they want to visit and experiences they would like to enjoy but unfortunately, most people never have these dream travel ideas come true.

The biggest reason for not making travel bucket list ideas become a reality is not having the money to afford travel.  If you ask a lot of people when they last enjoyed a decent holiday most will probably tell you quite some time ago and others perhaps even years back.

We are not talking about a trip to a local spot for sightseeing, but rather a getaway to some exotic destination in another country, where you can immerse yourself in local culture and experiences that are indigenous to that country.

We want to take a look at some budget beating travel destinations in the sunshine which allow you to get away from the grey rat race and relax in the sunshine on a sandy beach and participate in fun attractions, activities and experiences.

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Bucket List Beach Ideas

Your Special Holiday Dream Beckons…

Perhaps you are tired or maybe even envious of listening to your friends, family members and work colleagues plan their holidays abroad and when they come back they also have golden tans, stunning holiday snaps and awesome stories to tell.

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Cheap Holidays Abroad, our travel partners have access to some incredible special offers in cheap package holidays that will allow you to visit beautiful sunny locations.

If you have bucket list ideas to visit exotic beach destinations when you plan your next vacation then you can start taking advantage of their exclusive holiday deals.

Let us visit the top ten places for beach holidays in the sun as your next bucket list ideas travel destinations, and you will be sure to come back with an eye-catching tan.

  1. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; The glorious Copacabana Beach has been named more than once in many travel magazines and on travel websites as part of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Set against the backdrop of the breathtaking panoramic scenery of the rolling hills of Brazil, you will know that you are in a true paradise and a tranquil place where it seems as if time stands still.

Here you will luxuriate in tropical sun, truly relaxing on pristine beaches and as for fun and stimulating holiday activities, there is something for everyone in the family…

There is an abundance of vibrant nightlife and dancing, water sports, sightseeing tours and lots more and rest assured the locals treat tourists like friends because tourism is an important income for the economy of Brazil.

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  1. Waikiki Beach on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is another perfect place to catch up on your tanning while enjoying the beauty of the wonderful scenery.  Enjoy relaxing while watching other tourists swimming, surfing and parasailing for examples; something you can also participate in if you like, considering this is another extremely popular travel destination.

Like most sensational Hawaiian beaches, visitors can look forward to velvety soft sands, endless sunshine and some of the most beautiful romantic sunsets in the evenings.

Hawaii offers a holiday of a lifetime and Waikiki beach tops the list in beach popularity, perfect to add to your bucket list ideas.

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Beach Holidays Hawaii

  1. Kos Greece: Yet another popular tourist destination for people from all over the world and perfect if you are looking to relax in the sun and get a great all-over tan.

There are some fantastic all-inclusive cheap holiday packages to Greece that you can take advantage of no matter what your holiday budget is.

Take for example the gorgeous island of Crete off the south coast of Greece that is surrounded by 100 miles of incredibly beautiful beaches along its coastline.  There are some stunning accommodation and flight deals that will get you there on even a tight budget

One of the most popular spots is the ‘Rethimno’ beach located on the island’s northern coast, but because it is such a popular beach it can often get crowded with tourists.

If you are looking for a more peaceful place to catch up on your tan, browse Cheap Holidays Abroad to learn more about Kos or any of the many secluded beaches that are scattered around the Greek islands.

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Beach Holidays in Greece

  1. Aruba: The popular Baby Beach located on the coast of Aruba is truly perfect for family fun, surf and sun holidays.  This is a great place to truly relax away from the rat race and fast-paced city life.

The ocean along these beach shoreline remains very calm and shallow it is perfect for children to swim while you relax close to the waterside in a beach chair.

The soft Arabian beach sands are a delight to relax on and the sun will definitely warm your heart and give you that perfect holiday tan too.

Even the locals of Aruba love this popular beach spot and besides relaxing on the beach there are dozens of other holiday activities, sightseeing and great vacation shopping.

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Aruba Beach Holidays

  1. Canary Islands:  The beauty of the Spanish Canary Islands is breathtaking and the scenery no matter where you are is simply awesome.

Gaze at the panoramic sights of majestic, rugged mountains and the in the evenings watch some of the most romantic sunsets you have ever seen after a day relaxing on dazzling white-sandy beaches.

Plan your all-inclusive cheap holiday packages to Tenerife, the largest island and most popular tourist destination, dominated by the sometimes-snowy active volcano Mt. Teide.

On your holidays here, explore lush forest and lounge on velvety beaches while being awed by miles of sand dunes in every direction.

The Canary Islands is a Popular British Holiday destination and you will be sure to visit it again more than a few times once you have been there on your first holiday.

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Canary island Beach Holidays

  1. Italy ‘Amalfi Coast’:  The Italian Amalfi coast offers some of the most picturesque scenery and gives tourists everything they desire for a relaxing holiday in the sun on sensational beaches.

Sightseeing in the small fishing villages, lovely exotic shopping and delicious cuisine beckons you to visit this wonderful holiday destination where you can truly relax from your fast-paced modern lifestyle.

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Amalfi Coast

  1. Beautiful Mauritius:  The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is one of the most popular holiday destinations for British and United States tourists.

Many people have this as part of their bucket list ideas for a beach holiday because this island has unbelievable beaches, azure blue waters, fantastic luxury resorts and holiday activities.

The sun is bright and warm on the skin, perfect for tanning and when you feel a little too warm, take a dip in the cool and calm waters before your next tanning session.

Activities on this island are endless with sightseeing of indigenous wildlife in national parks, hiking some wonderful scenic trails and water sports including snorkelling, fishing, and boat charters.

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Bucvket List Ideas Beach Holidays

  1. The Balearic Islands These beautiful islands located in eastern Spain are known for their delightful beaches that have everything you can dream of on a beach holiday abroad and perfect for beach holiday bucket list travel.

Formentera is the most popular tourist spot and the smallest of Spain’s Balearic Islands.  It is reachable by a ferry trip from an equally popular destination, the neighbouring island of Ibiza.

These beautiful islands are all well-loved for their clear waters and long stretches of sandy beaches with dunes and pine trees making this a picturesque paradise.  Holiday activities here include scuba diving, snorkelling and para-sailing, and if you like sightseeing boat charters are also available.

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Exotic Beach Holidays Abroad

  1. Yucatan Peninsula: Down in southern Mexico close to the Yucatan Peninsula, you will find miles and miles of the wonderfully sunny beaches in Cancun. When you visit Cancun you can look forward to one of the most wonderful memorable holidays you can imagine.

Cancun has an incredible fourteen-mile peninsula that juts out into the ocean and this offers a favourite beach-going destination for tourists all over the world with many visiting from Britain and the US.

Choose where you wish to catch up on your tan and bask in the sun but make sure to take the trip to see San Miguel, the home of a small historic Mayan ruin.

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Mexico beaches

  1. The Port Grimaud Beach: If you want to go all out to spend a little more for your bucket list ideas on a beach holiday, then spoil yourself with a luxurious beach sun holiday by planning a cheap holiday package all-inclusive trip to St. Tropez in France.

This is a popular destination for celebrities which means you will pay a lot more for your LUXURY sun holiday but it will certainly be a memorable one at that.

Situated at the end of the Avenue de la Mer, once there you will see endless sandy beaches at the bottom of the most beautiful gulf you have ever seen. This is the perfect family holiday beach for young children where they can learn to swim, play toboggan and other fun holiday games.

More than likely you will spot a celeb on The Plage de Grimaud catching rays in St. Tropez as it is the most popular tourist’s attraction and beach in the area.

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France Beach Holidays

Our partners Cheap Holidays Abroad can help you plan your beach holiday throughout the year so that you can make your bucket list ideas for dream travel come true!  Life is short so travel the world while you are able, it is possible if you get expert help to seek out those special cheap all-inclusive deals.