Why You Need a Bucket List of Visions and Dreams to Set Yourself Free!

Dream It Do It Bucket List

Do You Have a Bucket List of Vision and Dreams of What You Want To Achieve in Life?

Dream Your Life

Without Vision, Your Life is Going to be a Square Box With you Walking from Corner to Corner.

Does your day consist of you sitting in your little jail cell, being verbally whipped by your boss to complete the tasks they want doing?

That is exactly what most jobs are…getting locked up every day in your allotted space, or if you want to call it office, cubicle, or workspace.

Some are lucky to land a job they are passionate about, most not so lucky.

Bucket List


Remember your Childhood Dreams and Visions

Having real vision can help you break those chains of living a dull grey unhappy and unfulfilled life.  You need to start at a point and this is to write down your bucket list of dreams and visions in a diary.  List everything what you really would like to do in your life, what you would like to achieve and what experiences you would like to have.

Your vision can create excitement in your life again like when you were little and dreamed of being a doctor or a pirate, a rich fairy princess, a pilot, or a lady in waiting.

Having a vision will help to unleash the child in you and start you on a journey of living a life of happiness.

Visit Disneyland

Visit Disneyland

When you begin chasing your dreams then your life starts having real meaning again. You want to make those visions become a reality, and stepping out of your comfort zone gives you that adrenaline rush and excitement refreshing your mind.


The Little Angel and the Little Devil Fight for Control.

You have seen those cartoons with a little angel and a little devil sitting on the shoulders of a cartoon character,  whispering what decisions they should make. always in conflict with each other?

Maybe your subconscious mind is already sabotaging you, telling you that what you have in life is what you deserve and nothing more?

The little angel talks you into taking action to make your dreams and vision a reality, while of course, the little devil will try and talk you out of it telling you how hard and impossible it’s going to be, and that you will never be able to do it.

You probably found this website because you want something better in life, a better job, better vacations, better life experiences, happiness? Now start taking action and the first step is writing down your bucket list.

Everything on your bucket list of dreams can all become a reality if you have a vision because, without this vision, you will never persevere long enough to have any real success.

Your vision should be bigger than paying debts or chasing extra money because that is nothing different from what 99% of people desire.

It shouldn’t be the ‘Ho-Hum’ same old, same old, to quit your job vision, have lots of money vision, or be better than the joneses vision, but something bigger.

When you change your vision to one of helping others solve their problems, to help change their lives, overcome their health problems, and find solutions for their betterment, your vision starts taking shape. Good karma happens to those that help others.

Start that little fire burning in your mind,  begin seeing end goals, and how you are going to make those end goals become a reality to live a rich fulfilled and happy life.

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Think about what vision you have and how your vision is going to set your free and you will start seeing that the steps you need to take start becoming clear in your mind.

The universe will help you with your vision and all the dreams you have written down on your bucket list will start becoming a reality.!

Once your vision is firmly placed in your mind and subconscious you can start taking ACTION and little steps on your roadmap to making those dreams come true.

Eventually, you will not have to go back to that little jail cell every day because you are finally free.

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