8 Budget Travel Tips to Make Your Dream Holiday Come True No Matter Which Destination You Want To Visit!

Tips to Save Money On Travel

Apply these Smart Budget Travel Tips to Make Your Dream Holiday a Reality.

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Budget Travel Tips

Save a Ton of Money With These Budget Travel Tips Shared by Expert Travel Agents!

Applying some smart budget travel tips will help you enjoy fabulous holidays at premium tourist destinations because your holiday budget will go so much further.

Many people live in countries where winters are very cold; like for example in the United Kingdom, and people in these countries often take extended holidays during the winter months to warm sunny destinations.

The main costs when travelling are your accommodation and flights, this is where you can save the most money by being thrifty.

The idea of travelling to other countries and and visiting exotic islands with the whole family can be filled with excitement.  All you need do is take note of these money-saving budget travel tips so that you can make your sun holidays go that much further.

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Smart Holiday Planning

Travelling to faraway places on your bucket list can be expensive, besides accommodation and flights there are all the extras that come with a holiday.

Shave off costs on these holiday extras with some proper planning by taking advantage of these budget travel tips so you can plan one of the most memorable family holidays, adventure experiences or romantic honeymoons to fulfil your Bucket List Travel Dreams.

1) Basic Travel Costs

a) The first thing to do, is deciding exactly where you want to travel and then you can visit any travel website and check what their approximate costs are going to be for airfares, accommodations and local tours.

b) Investigate what sort of holidays you want to enjoy and then compare all the holiday activities at your chosen destination so that you can decide whether they also appeal to you.

For example, maybe you just want a warm beach holiday to lounge around in the sun and swim in the ocean or hotel pools?

If that is what you desire, then there are some absolutely incredible beach locations in the Caribbean to choose from or at countries that lie near the equator where summers are always warm and winters mild.

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c) Make a list of what costs you will have while on holiday, including all small costs like hotel cover charges, taxes, service tips, car rentals and costs for visiting local attractions and sights.  Decide if you will go out a few times to restaurants and if will buy snacks on the beaches, cocktails and the compulsory vacation shopping!

Once you have a good idea and a detailed list of what you want to spend on each part of your trip, you then need to begin doing some comparisons for the best deals for each these options.

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Budget Holiday Planning

2) Budget Travel Tips: Prioritizing Costs

When the time comes for you to budget for travel, you can save costs by prioritizing each of them which will show you where to save money; and once again the main places are on your accommodations and flights.

a) For example accommodation wise; if you are content to choose a 3 or 4-star hotel instead of staying in a luxury 5-star hotel there is a massive difference in prices.

b) When you need to rent a car for transportation and sightseeing then choose a smaller car rather than a van or SUV because this will save you a lot of money.  Check for shuttle services and attractions that include transport to and from your hotel or resorts.

c) One of the most important budget travel tips is to think ALL INCLUSIVE. Check out specific special holiday package deals and all-inclusive holidays’ packages.  Remember, CRUISES are a great holiday option where EVERYTHING is all-inclusive; accommodation, meals, shore excursions and entertainment!

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Budget Travel Tips = All Inclusive Cruises

Look for deals in accommodation that include at least one main meal, like bed and breakfast or bed and dinner.  In addition, also find hotels that offer shuttle services to and from the airport you arrive at to save money on transportation costs as we mentioned above.

Do some research for a good amount of time when planning and booking accommodation online and if you can get help from online travel agents then let them do all the research for you to save you time.

d) When booking flights there are many factors that can make a huge difference in rates.  Flying during the week is cheaper than on weekends and the longer you book in advance the cheaper it will be to fly as well.  Do comparisons between different airlines to find the best deal.

e) The last and most important of all these budget travel tips is to make a complete list of things that you will be paying for when planning your holiday.

You start by deciding what amount of money you have to go on holiday and once you have all the costs worked out, you will be able to subtract them from the entire amount you began with.

It is useful to get help from travel agents that will investigate and dig out the best possible holiday deals for you to travel where you want to go.

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