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Guardian Angels

A Message From The Angels

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What are Guardian Angels and How to Communicate with Yours?

Watch This Comforting Video Below

What are Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are Gods helpers and they make a sacred vow and pledge to God that they will be with you throughout your life on earth.

Your angels are fully devoted to you and love you implicitly and as a matter of fact, they even share your soul with you. God has truly blessed us to give us guardian angels because the journey through life on earth is a difficult one

Part of the reason your guardian angel is so devoted to you is that they chose you.

The vow your guardian angels took to stand by your side and guide you through life was a very sacred one made with heaven and Spirit itself as a witness.

This means that your guardian angels have a strong sense of duty toward your life because they want what’s best for you but will still respect, the free will that is given to us by God.

The Bible mentions angels in almost every chapter and they are very real guardians of every man woman and child on this planet.

Your Guardian angel is with you while you are soul waiting to be born into a physical body, and they will be with you throughout your life’s journey.

We are born to learn and teach and share and many of us stray from the path and angels will gently guide you back onto it if you allow them.

Many of us don’t believe in angels and this makes it harder for them to do their special works.

Guardian angels will listen if you try to communicate with them and in turn, they will show you undeniable signs that they are with you if you know what to look for.

Everyone has more than one angel and these guardian angels can see clearly what your heart desires are. Learning to pray to the angels is the same as praying to God above, it can be difficult for most people to learn how to pray freely.

Just like you will pray to God above when something is troubling you or you need guidance the same can be done to your guardian angel. Click Below to Learn More…

Guardian Angels

Self Improvement

Self Improvement For a Better Lifestyle…

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Self Improvement the Journey to a Better You!

Self Improvement


Are you the BEST You Can Be?

Few people TRULY realize that they can fulfill their dreams, and even you may be on the point of turning your life around, but you put obstacles in your way without even being aware of it.

Most people end up living unhappy negative lives wondering what their purpose is, and what they can do or could have done to make things different. You have free will to make any choices you like and it is only your mindset that chains you to a path that leads you to nowhere…

Self Improvement


A few self-improvement hacks can change all of that no matter how old or young g you are, what background you come from or what country you live in! There are main obstacles in your life that you need to overcome and some of these are listed below.

Perhaps you know that you really need help to turn your life around and by focussing on these points below to make positive changes are a good start!

  1. Are You Always Making Excuses?

Stop making excuses that you cannot do it, and try even if you fail because you will still learn something. You also need to start accepting full responsibility for your mistakes. Begin realizing that if you are not making mistakes you are not learning anything! Your mistakes are the path towards success, with each one you make a step forward to getting you closer to your goals.


  1. Overcome your Fears of Failure

Failure happens to everyone and most take it as the end of the road, rather than just considering it as another step forward. Most people encounter the tiniest obstacle and then throw in the towel not realizing just how close they were to achieving their goals. You might even be fearing what other people think if you fail, but have they even tried at all? If you tried and failed then you are already a step ahead of them.

Never take failure personally either and think that you failed because there is something wrong with you because that is false. Overcoming your fears of failure is an important step for self-improvement in your life!

  1. Stop Your Self Criticism! 

Successful people do not criticize themselves or knock their abilities because they know that this negative mindset and way of thinking will end up pushing their goals away farther than before. It’s ok to get upset and angry at yourself occasionally, but when you do then channel these emotions into constructive energy and this will take you in the direction of the goals you have set.

Self Improvement means learning many new things and reprogramming your mind to start believing in yourself, your abilities, and apply many positive principles that will definitely turn your life around! There are ways to get help through life coaching, and even with a method known as NLP mind programming, used by therapists and professional psychologists use to help people live full happy lives by overcoming their negative issues.

  1. Stop Hijacking Your Success…

You can tell yourself lies, that you were never cut out to be successful or be a boss or achieve a goal,  and start believing those lies because you program your mind that way. Negative thinking will stop you from achieving your dreams more than anything else. Your fear of failure will escalate, and your belief that what you desire is impossible will hijack your goals and success in life.

Some lies you may tell yourself and start believing are that you are not beautiful or good-looking enough, don’t have the talent to do what you want, are not clever enough or don’t deserve the success, or do not belong where you want to go…lets examine some of these lies that  Most People Tell Themselves and Even Others:

  1. I Have No Clue Where to Begin! No one has all the answers on where to start to take the first step towards their dreams. All you need to do is make a decision on whatever it is and even write down steps that you need to take towards the success, happiness, or dreams you have for yourself.

Understand no one is perfect, and in this light also know that if you want to wait for the perfect plan, perfect moment, it’s never going to happen! You need to apply the principles of self-improvement starting today, right now. If you don’t then all your plans, goals, dreams, and happiness will never materialize.

  1. I Don’t Have Money or Means to Get Started.

Many millionaires started without having any money at all and you will read these rags to riches stories everywhere. They just believed in themselves. What about Richard Branson for example of a good rag to riches story? He started the company Virgin Records as a teenager, and when he was flat broke as well, but today he is worth over $5 billion and best of all which few people may know is that he has dyslexia.

You can make it happen and if you want it badly enough you will find the means, to do it. Telling yourself you can’t get started is a lie that becomes an obstacle that you will not overcome.

  1. I Need Help To Do What I want!

People reach their dreams every day without any help from someone else and you can do the same. If you read some self-improvement tips and self-help books, you will be amazed to realize how you have been hijacking your happiness and well being all along.

You can invest in getting mentored or use someone for inspiration like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Albert Einstein or whomever you please. It’s also ok investing in life coaching to help reprogram your mind and turn your life around.

Happiness and Dreams are yours for the Taking. 

With such fast-paced technology filled lifestyles stuck in unfulfilling careers, it’s hard to find time to really start living and it is up to you to change all that and you can! Starting a journey to self-improvement is the first step and you can invest in whatever tools you like to help you on the way because they are really worth the end result.

It’s never too late to start and all it takes is to make a concerted effort to change without fear.  If you start now then later in life you may ask yourself why you never took the opportunity that was staring you in the face!

More About Self Improvement!

Life Coaching


Appreciating The Good Things in Life

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Living a Life of Gratitude…..

How to Be Happy

Be Thankful and Love Life!


In our modern built-up, fast-paced world stuffed with technology, and in our constant dash to live as fast as possible to keep up, one tends to forget the small things that really make our life worth living. While there are certain things we can’t control, there are many that we can.

We can slow things down a bit and have a more observant look at things around us like we did when we were children. (See life as through the eyes of a child…)

While browsing Facebook, I often read of many prayer requests, dreams and wishes, of friendship sharing and caring and life happenings.

While reading these simple requests people post, it reminds me of how vulnerable and how similar we all are in our desires for life.

BUT….In our chase after wealth and materialistic things, you can tend to forget that the best things in life are still free.

Real beauty surrounds us every moment which we do not savour anymore.

When did you last really have a close look at nature, even in your own garden, or lie on a blanket outside and look at the clouds working out what shapes you can make up with your wife or your children?



When last did you go out in the rain with no more intention than just getting wet?

When last did you genuinely smile at someone just so that they could smile back?

It is to the detriment of our inner selves that we have forgotten that simple small things in life can make our living joyful.  Start thinking about that right now and give some thought to being greateful!

Why Not Make Real Time to be Grateful……….. We Should All…

Laugh at something, anything, at yourself, a great comedy, with someone else or a memory of something funny. Laughter is really good medicine and your problems will seem less depressing.

Make friends. Try and be as friendly as possible to someone at work or repair an old friendship that may have been damaged. Perhaps you may have forgotten your family is also your friends as are your own children.

Be positive. A positive attitude attracts positive outcomes for everything. Even when things really seem dark, being positive can even provide coincidental solutions and small miracles.

Enjoy a great meal. Drop the diet and really enjoy something you would like to eat for a change without being guilty.

Enjoy the person you are not the person someone else wants you to be. You are YOU!

Be Grateful for What you Have!

Relax. Spend some time looking around your garden and enjoying nature. If you are in a flat get a plant or three, and take care of them as they grow. Even talking to a plant can be relaxing.

Get a pet. Pets love you unconditionally. People with pets live longer too! Take good care of your pet and your pet will take good care of you

Get wet. Walk in the rain or put the garden sprinkler on, and run up and down over it in your clothes. It feels great, and you will also feel ten years younger.

Help someone. Give something small to charity or to a beggar without a grudge or self-righteousness. Be genuine about helping someone with anything no matter how small you think it may be.

Hug someone. Your wife, child, dog cat or even a teddy bear. You will feel like you belong. If you know someone at work who is really feeling down give them a hug without embarrassment.

Walk around the block with someone and chat about everyday things. If you can’t go anywhere call the neighbour to chat about something, and invite them around for a cup of coffee.

How to be Happy

Pray.  YES Pray for someone, for yourself, for the sick, elderly and less fortunate than you are. Unconditional prayer is soul cleansing. Pray regularly and have faith in all good things and good things will happen to you.

Live your life well, but live it never forgetting that the smallest things around you are free, and always think about being grateful. Pass joy to others with a smile, a helping hand or your goodwill.

Wealth plays but a small part of it all…………..





What Do You Wish For in Life?

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What is Your Simple Wish?

Make Your Wishes and Dreams Come True

Dreams are Wishes of The Heart

As our past paced technology filled lifestyles we are beginning to forget simple core values that we as human beings should have, and added to this we get caught up in living a life or survival from day to day rather than a life of joyfulness and fulfilment. These three base things are how most of us live our lives

1.What truly should make us joyful has now been forgotten and we are so busy being caught up in getting through one day to the next we can be compared to zombies.

2. We no longer enjoy the simple things in life, the beauty around us, or let the child inside us out anymore.

3. We are too worried about what others would think,

We are angry at the hand that has been dealt for us in life and ready to complain about the smallest most insignificant things…

If you were to offer a person a single wish almost 85% would wish for wealth and money, or something that would benefit themselves, with very few wishing something good for a fellow human being. Sad but true.

.Wishes of the Heart

 Surely you have dreams and goals in your life, things you would love to experience, to achieve, and have these been put on the backburner? 

What Would you Wish For? 

Most terminally ill and cancer patients wished for a single day without having to suffer their agonizing pains. Perhaps they dream of what they could have done and maybe it has become too late?

**A blind person would wish that they could see, and enjoy the beauty that can only be experienced with sight. A disabled person will wish to be able to walk or be able to move like a normal person according to the disablement they suffer.
**A Deaf person would like to hear the singing of the birds and the crying of a baby or be able to listen to music.
**A Homeless person will wish for shelter, a hungry person for a meal, and a parent that has a lost a child for it to be undone.

Many people suffering the ills of the world have a simple heartfelt wish, just to have peace, freedom for pain, someone to be their friend because they are lonely…

Your Wishes and Dreams

What We Have Forgotten? 

Most of us spend our time complaining, moaning, bitching and being angry of what we think are the worst things in life. A lousy job with a nasty boss,  not having enough money to buy the best smartphone, our children that are being naughty, being stuck in traffic or the neighbours’ dog that keeps barking.

Unfortunately, there are people that are downright mean in life but don’t let them affect the goodness in your heart!

Make Your Wishes Come True

Perhaps it is time to rethink our human values, and open our hearts to others and also to being more appreciative.

Let us be reminded that we can enjoy the sun on our faces every day, the pattering of rain a cool breeze on our cheeks, and that we are able to enjoy good, or fair health, with the abundance of Gods beauty all around us.

What is more precious than money…?

A million things, the sweet laugh and smile of a child, the singing of birds, nature, the rain, family, friends, and the wind in our faces.

Your health and the joy of movement, simply being able to walk or run….

Sure we are all not in perfect health but remember those that have a simple wish to feel better.

If you had one single wish right now carefully think what would it be and who would it benefit?

Make your bucket list of dreams and start working towards accomplishing those and you can live a happy fulfilled life before it is too late…