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Help for Making Your Dreams Come True

For My Wife Rita…Now Sadly Missed!

The Woman in Our Lives… Woman the anchor, the giver, the bringer of new life into our world! Let me seek solace in the arms of a woman, For it is a woman that gives meaning in life for every man, It is a woman that will wipe the sweat from your brow after toiling…
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Hope for cancer

Cancer Disease, a Diagnosis to Horrify any Human Being! (My Wife Fought Stage 4 Brain Cancer Till Her Last Breath!)

Cancer Disease…The Most Terrible Disease on the Planet… Pls Share this to inspire others! The Cancer Disease Can be Beaten? For Some, But For How Long? When anyone is diagnosed with cancer it immediately makes them feel like they have been given a death sentence. Shock, horror, fear, dread, tears, denial, and feelings of loss…
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