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Tracey’s Dreams List

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My Bucket List Dreams from Tracey


My name is Tracey and I live in the United Kingdom in Oxford with my parents. I am in a relationship and engaged to be married

I am employed as an assistant manager in an interior decorating company and I enjoy my job but I feel like there is always something missing in my life.

When I came across this website and read some of the articles it was quite eye-opening and thank you for sharing.

It took me quite some time to think aboutwhat I want out of life but here is my list and I hope you can help me achieve at least some of these things.

  1. a) I would love to travel to see the real Disneyworld in America and also see the Universal studios.
  2. b) I want to visit South Africa where I have some friends and see Cape Town and the Mandela Museum in Johannesburg.
  3. c) Another country I would like to Visit is Russia perhaps Siberia or St Petersburg which looks really beautiful.
  4. d) I would like to learn how to fly a small plane and get my pilots license for this.
  5. e) After all the cold weather here in the UK, I would love to go somewhere warm for at least a month with my Fiancé and our choice is somewhere in Costa Rica.
  6. f) Starting my own Interior Design Company is also one of my dreams so that I can be my own boss.
  7. g) Riding the bullet train in Japan is another experience I would love to enjoy because speed thrills me.
  8. h) An experience I dream of is to bungee jump although it looks kind of scary. My fiancé wants to as well.
  9. i) I would like to get married on the beach when we are ready and then go on a cruise ship honeymoon for a month afterwards.
  10. j) My biggest dream is to buy our own house in the country where I can have horses and all the space ever want to do what I want.

Hope these dreams don’t sound too crazy. I told my boyfriend Andrew to join and send you his list. This is like mine but with a few things different.

Thanks if you can help and you can put your suppliers in touch with us when you are ready.

From Tracey