6 Smart Tips for Coping with Christmas Stress; Make It a Fun and Joyful Season!

Merry Christmas

6 Tips for Coping with Christmas Stress To Enjoy The Season Fully!

Christmas Stress

Manage Christmas Stress Effectively With These Useful Guidelines

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when fast-paced lifestyles become even more rushed, what with all Christmas shopping, the planning for family special occasions, planning of vacations, festive meals, and decorations…the list seems endless and that is where all the Christmas stress comes from!

Everyone celebrates this special time of the year differently, and no matter what your religion, everyone gets caught up in the excitement of things anyway…

The festive season can bring with it a lot of stress, so I am going to share proven tips for coping with Christmas stress that will help everything go that much more smoothly.

*Not everyone experiences the joy of this special season, because it may be the anniversary for people that have lost loved ones at this time of the year, perhaps due to accidents, illness or old age.

Celebrate that those passed on are at peace, and surely better off, and if they could communicate with you, rest assured would tell you that you need to continue living life to the fullest.*

Christmas stress

Let’s move on to some smart tips for coping with Christmas stress.

  1. Lists, Lists, Lists!

Ladies should keep a little diary in their handbags, and guys a small notebook in their pockets to note down things that have to be done. Lists make everything so much more organized, and you are less apt to forget something important.

Start by writing down things you want to do, tasks that have to be attended to, appointments you need to attend, and when something pops in your head, wherever you are at the time, immediately jot it down, otherwise you will forget it what it was; in all the hustle and bustle.

  1. Budget for Tomorrow.

Your Christmas bonus or 13th check can quickly go out the window so it is wise to budget and think of tomorrow. Research shows that come to New Year, January and February are tough months because everyone is broke after dishing out left and right over the festive season.

Plan how much you want to spend on gifts, meals, entertainment, travelling and special occasions and salt away a tidy sum for next year where you can’t get your hands on it!

**A good monthly budget templatecan help significantly.

Christmas Season

  1. Forget About The Jones’s.

You can add more stress on yourself trying to have a bigger and better Christmas tree, and try and outdo the other parents and grandparents with expensive gifts.

Comparison anxiety can make you stressed, and overspend because you want to make sure you come out tops, but all it will do is s make you spend more than what is necessary. The age-old saying ’The Thought That Counts’ holds true in every sense of the word, and that you can take to the bank.

Ten to one little Johnny is not going to play with the new Ipad you bought him to show off because he is more interested in the wrapping and the box because they are more fun.

  1. Plan Stop Days.

 Coping with Christmas stress is easier if you plan ‘STOP Days’ in between the rushing around shopping, visiting, planning, and travelling.

These stop days are the days you must stay at home and relax completely, with a cup of tea, your favourite drink, or whatever, and watch a movie on TV, invite a friend or family member over and just chill.

Wrap gifts if you like and take time with each one to make it a masterpiece, enjoying the moment, but whatever happens, you are not going anywhere on stop days!

Shopping for Gifts

  1. Be Forgiving, Charitable and Grateful.

You may have been at loggerheads with the family over some issue or another the whole year and you are stressed because you have to face them over Christmas.

Like many Christmas movies you may have seen along these lines, this is the time to forgive, be grateful, start a new leaf and be a little more charitable to those in need. By making the first move you will release that open up stress, so go and do it.

If you can help someone in need, never mind what others think… and dish out a smile wherever you go, ‘cause this gets a few back in return, and helps release the good endorphins to reduce stress.

  1. Lose the Guilt.

You are on a diet, health-conscious, a careful eater, and you work out almost every day. The fear of packing on a few pounds or not being able to eat this or that….or the stress and guilt because you did, can make the whole festive season a nightmare.

For two weeks let go and eat, drink, be merry, and all you need remember is one single word. Moderation.

You have the whole of next year to catch up all 52 weeks so spoil yourself for a change, and get with it instead of having to say no every time someone offers you a slice of heaven!

These tips are perfect for coping with Christmas stress, and all you need to do is apply them. Don’t succumb to pressures in the media to buy this and that, wear this and that, or the doom and gloom in the news.

This is your one and only special time of the year, so make the most of it because if you don’t you will have to wait 12 months again for a second chance.

managing Christmas Stress

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