The Silent Deadly Effects of Chronic Stress in Today’s Fast-Paced Lifestyles: The Surefire Way To Die Early!

The Deadly and Devastating Effects of Chronic Stress on Your Body Nudging You Towards an Early Death!

How to Manage Stress levels

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Chronic Stress Will Shorten Your Life Quicket Than Smoking Cigarettes Will!

Suffering high levels of chronic stress over the last two and a half years has caused serious damage to health especially in peoples fast-paced busy lifestyles, and we have spent many hours researching the subject.

The most common causes of acute stress rated according to the Holmes RAHE stress scale are moving house, death and serious illness in the family, and some of us have been through these issues either all of them or some of them…

To help other suffering chronic levels of stress, let us share some insights on the harm your body suffers if you don’t practice ways of getting stress relief.

Our fast-paced modern technology disrupted lifestyles, financial pressures, and careers are placing us under enormous levels of stress, and when this becomes overwhelming you start suffering from chronic stress which is deadly to your health!

High levels of chronic stress can make a person feel like a rat, or animal in a corner, poised to lash out and bite because when there is no way out, it is either fight or die because you are already past the flight stage.

When human beings suffer from this chronic stress overload, the excess of adrenaline and cortisol chemicals in your body will cause serious damage, more than you know.

Stress can kill you in lots of different ways, and when you understand how negatively it affects your body, you will definitely agree that finding suitable stress relief methods are crucial to your health and well being.

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How Suffering From Stress Overload Will Kill You.

People that are suffering from unrelenting chronic stress endanger their body’s immune systems, disrupting digestive and reproduction systems, increasing blood pressure levels which can cause heart attacks and strokes, accelerate ageing, cause insomnia, and affect thought patterns.

If that isn’t enough stress also causes fatigue, anxiety and panic, the constant feeling inside your mind that something major is about to happen, and physical feelings of illness.

The stress hormones and chemicals released by stress are extremely powerful, and you have heard many people that suffered a traumatic event afterwards mention their feelings of being sick and nauseous after this overwhelming stressful event in their lives.

Acute stress events can even cause some to vomit, feel lightheaded and dazed in shock, and feel physically weak, so much so they are unable to stand.

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The Levels of Daily Stress for Average People. This Means YOU!

Feeling anxious about your job, thinking of financial problems you are experiencing, commuting, family and relationship problems and feeling unsafe, are some of the daily stressors most average people feel every day.

Unless you practice some form of getting stress relief, some of these daily stressful issues can start building up in your mind, making what are in reality minor sized problems, seem like major issues.

Then there are always the  Could’ve, Would have, should have, what if, maybe and what-ifs…

If you don’t address the rising levels of stress in your mind, then they start becoming chronic stress, because the stress carries on for so long you start feeling out of control of your life and situation.

This means that you feel like the cornered rat we mentioned in the first part of this article: you are in fight and flight mode all the time…

Now when your body is constantly in flight mode excess stress chemicals are being released all the time and these will be damaging to the heart, lungs, digestive system brain and immune system. You seriously need practice stress relief and relaxation methods suitable to your lifestyle, otherwise, long-lasting physical and mental effects will cause illness than can also be irreversible.

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How to Know if you are Suffering From Chronic Stress?

Some signs that you are suffering chronic stress are quite easy to identify, and you will also be able to pinpoint the causes and thus be able to seek solutions

a) After the death of a loved one: Seek help and outlets to deal with grief so that you can move on with your life.
b) Ongoing problems at work or home: Identify these and ways they can be solved.
c) An inability to relax: Learn how to practice stress relief and relaxation methods daily.
d) Feeling Overworked: Delegate and manage your time more efficiently, and seek time out to relax.
e) Suffering chronic illness in self or a loved one: Get help from others and seek proper medical advice
f) Anxiety and panic attacks: Find therapy and self-help programs to address these problems or seek professional help.
g) Constantly feeling pressured, overwhelmed, or hurried: Take time out and give yourself some ‘me time’
h) Irritability, Anger, and Moodswings: Find a hobby or enjoyable recreation to relax.
i) Suffering Stomach & digestive disorders: Watch your diet carefully and avoid fast foods.
j) Regular Stress Headaches: Find and practice soothing relaxation techniques.
k) Insomnia and Sleep problems: Learn how to practice meditation and relaxation techniques.
l) Feelings of overwhelming sadness or depression: Talk to someone family of friends about your feelings or seek therapy.

Some studies and research have shown a link between chronic stress and cancer, but although no conclusive evidence has been found yet, the damage stress does to your immune system may very well open up your body to trigger cancer.

Consider the simple fact that our bodies are constantly under bombardment from pollution and cancer-causing agents in foods laced with chemicals, unclean air in cities, radiation from smartphone screens, tabs, laptops and computers, and even in water. It’s easy enough for cancer to trigger when your body immune system has been broken down by chronic stress…

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Summarizing the Main Health Problems Related to High levels of Stress

  • Heart disease & strokes caused by high blood pressure…
  • Respiratory problems like asthma and shortness of breath
  • Weight gain and Obesity.
  • The triggering of Diabetes.
  • Stress Headaches and nausea. …
  • Depression and Panic attacks
  • Gastrointestinal problems and digestive imbalances.


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If you suffer constant stress and do not seek effective methods of finding stress relief then you will generally also suffer from problems of:

  • Fatigue and Low energy levels.
  • Tension Headaches and concentration problems.
  • Upset cramp stomach, with either diarrhoea or constipation.
  • Joints aches, pains, and tight muscles.
  • Chest pains and feeling of rapid heartbeats.
  • Struggle to sleep peacefully and rest
  • Frequent infections, colds flue and sneezing.
  • Lack of sexual desire and listlessness.

***We know that suffering from chronic stress has caused me to become ill and suffer from numerous health problems some that are now chronic and irreversible. That means people with chronic stress that do not seek effective stress relief will shorten their lives because of the dangerous health problems that are caused by this silent disease.

Hopefully, you now understand how dangerous stress really is and how chronic stress will affect the body in multiple ways from thoughts and feelings, your physical body, and your general behaviour.

Once you are able to recognize the common stress issues in your life then you can seek suitable effective ways of finding stress relief and ways of adding them to your lifestyle before stress starts causing deadly health problems.