5 Easy Ways To Deal With Anxiety and Stress to Take Back Control of Your Life!

Dealing With Anxiety and Stress

How to Deal With Anxiety and Stress to Take Back Control of Your Life.

How to Deal With Anxiety

Stressed Anxious, Nervous? Welcome to the 21st Century!

Everyone suffers from anxiety, worry and stress and in our modern lifestyles, it is worse than ever before.  You need to learn how to deal with anxiety and stress effectively before it makes you ill and destroys you.

Technology that was supposed to make life simpler has just made it more stressful!

The definition of anxiety is simply explained as a feeling of nervousness, unease, or deep fear about an event a person has to face an uncertain outcome. Anxiety disorders are on the increase in society. See Statistics

References from the Mayo Clinic and NHS UK Medical websites define anxiety as intense persistent worry and fear of situations in everyday life.

These anxieties can escalate into intense fear triggering full-blown panic attacks. The anxious mind will escalate fearful situations completely out of proportion and eventually become so bad that they will interfere in your daily life.

Finding Peace from Stress

Common anxiety suffered by millions of people is known as a ‘Social Anxiety Disorder’ defined as a fear of social situations, also known as social phobias.

People suffering from a social anxiety disorder will go to great lengths to avoid crowds, social gatherings and events.

Phobias are on the increase, with some types of these that are extremely complex to treat, making this a headache for psychologists and professional therapists.

Dealing With Fears

Social anxiety comes with a deep belief and feelings of being watched, judged and criticized by people around you, causing a person to become acutely self-conscious with feelings of intense nervousness. This feat can be overwhelming and debilitating, causing mental stress up to breaking point

Understanding anxiety, social anxiety disorders, and intense fear and worry issues, will show you effective ways of how to deal with anxiety before it becomes an all-consuming monster.

Unlock Your Mind's Power to M<anage Stress and Anxiety

Panic attacks can arise from people that suffer unrelenting fear that eventually becomes an all-consuming anxiety-causing deep emotional stress, manifesting in physical symptoms that are so severe, that the person feels like they are having a heart attack! These fall under the category phobias…

Anxiety problems can begin as a child and if not treated can become serious life-affecting problems in adult life. Self-help programs can help teach you how to deal with anxiety, but severe anxiety and phobias are best treated by professionals using proper therapy.

How to Deal With Anxiety and Fear

In modern society, many suffer from a combination of worries, nervousness and fears of situations ranging from financial problems to careers, peer pressure and media bombardment. This generalized anxiety can become overwhelming, causing procrastination, avoidance, and drastic life-changing decisions.

When anxiety and worry become deep-seated fear that interferes in your life then you need anxiety help.

Most social anxiety disorders are unfounded, just like the fears and worry you had that never became a reality; many have said afterwards “you really had nothing to worry about after all!

Self Help: How to Deal with Anxiety and Worry.

Although many health and wellness websites make it sound easy to treat generalized anxiety and social anxiety disorders; in reality for many, professional therapies are the only solution.

In severe cases of anxiety and panic attacks medication is an effective treatment.

Family, support from friends and colleagues can help you deal with anxiety, and the first step to coping is analyzing what you need to accept as real risks and those that you are blowing out of proportion.

Understanding that certain situations and life issues cannot be changed so need to be accepted and others are in your control to be changed is another step forward.

.Stress Management

When faced with a situation that is causing you extreme worry and nervousness, think about what you can change, and if it is beyond your control to change, is there a way that you can work around or avoid the situation?

Study relaxation techniques like mindfulness meditation deep breathing and subconscious training to help deal with anxiety.

When your mind races out of control fear and worry can become all-consuming overwhelming anxiety, which may cause you to make destructive decisions that could affect your career, relationships and family and ultimately your health.

There are many effective ways to deal with anxiety, excessive worry, and nervousness, and a combination of a few of these methods are the best way for solutions to calming yourself. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to overcome deep-seated anxiety, and even more so for social anxiety issues, and phobias.

Mindfulness Training

Let’s investigate some tried and tested ways to deal with the anxiety that is proven to help you find relief.

  1. Relaxation Techniques.

Relaxation and meditation methods help reduce anxiety and they do not have to be long sessions either. A few minutes of meditation can reduce stress and anxiety quickly and put you back into full control.

With some research, you will find that there are numerous ways and tools to help you meditate, so it may take time to find the best method that suits your lifestyle.

Meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress, and help manage your life. Guided meditation is the best way to deal with anxiety for the most popular choice for beginners, and now this can be done online with the help of videos, music and visualization techniques.

Meditation relaxation techniques will calm you down when you are feeling overwhelmed with worry, nervousness, or stress, and help you sleep by calming down your mind when it is racing out of control. This often happens at night preventing you from getting sufficient relaxing sleep.

A popular form of meditation that helps you focus on the present and stop worrying about the past is known as mindfulness meditation. This helps you get rid of negative thoughts that make you feel anxious because you feel that you could have done something better or handled a situation more effectively.

How to Deal With Anxiety

Mindfulness meditation clears your mind, gives you future focus and helps you become positive and in control. Meditation can be done in sessions as little as a few minutes to deep meditation at home for lengthy sessions as per your preferences.

Meditation can be done anywhere by sitting comfortably, doing proper breathing exercises, and focusing on your thoughts, music, imagery or emotions.

Visualization meditation is a great way to deal with anxiety in any situation. This meditation method uses a focusing of your mind on calm images and scenes in your mind, perhaps places that you have visited while on vacation that made you feel at peace.

Focus on remembering those pleasant feelings, until you feel as you are back there. This will take your mind off feeling anxious and nervous, invoking feelings of calmness.

  1. Stop Emotional Eating and Drinking.

Certain foods and drink can also cause anxiety although some may insist they help relieve stress.  Drinking coffee and alcohol can cause you to become stressed and jittery, although at the moment you may feel they are helping you relax.

Sweet foods may give you an energy high soon after you eat them, but this can be followed by a low, and besides the guilt of packing on extra weight can cause you to feel worse as well.

Eating a balanced diet is a great way to promote health and wellbeing and you can do so without making it a miserable way to eat as well.

Foods high in antioxidants, fresh fruit and vegetables, minerals and vitamins are the way to a balanced healthy diet, and most enhance help feelings of well being.

  1. Relieve Anxiety through Activity.

Participating in a sport or strenuous workout program helps relieve pent up stress and anxiety, but even moderate natural exercise on a regular basis is useful.

Yoga has become an extremely popular exercise for stress reduction, weight loss, and body suppleness. Combining Yoga practices with meditation is a powerful way to deal with anxiety. Walking the dog or visiting the neighbourhood park to play with children all help improve your mood and relieve stress.

  1. Anxiety Relief  Through Pleasure.

Having fun and engaging in activities that give you pleasure are helpful anxiety relievers.  Laughing is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety so watch a funny movie, read a funny book, or go watch a comedian perform at a theatre.

Women have stress relief down pat using shopping as a therapy buying new clothes and shoes or a piece of jewellery. Men could take a tip from this?

A relaxing hot bath can help you unwind after a hard day to relieve anxiety, or sitting in the garden while watching the birds or children play have a calming effect on the mind.

Relaxing music is also great to reduce anxiety and meditation music is a popular choice because it is soothing and calming of your thoughts.

Coping With Stress


  1. Time Management.

Managing your time and schedule will help you feel more in control, and add to this preparation for reducing stress, will help you feel in control of upcoming situations.

Don’t over-commit to anything and learn to say no rather than trying to manage. Having too much on your plate will make you feel overwhelmed.

Have a proper routine in your day and go to bed at the same time every night. You will sleep better and have less anxiety.

If you feel that you are overwhelmed with anxiety in certain situations that is bordering on panic having to face them it is sensible getting professional help.

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