20 More Fantastic Vacation Destination Ideas for The Whole Family Part Three.

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Fabulous Holiday Ideas Destinations Part Three.

Holidays Ideas part three




The fine wine, warm tropical sun and magical romantic choice of destination for honeymooners, is certainly Madeira in Portugal consisting of 4 islands off the northwest coast of Africa.

Madeira is volcanic with steep majestic cliffs on its coastlines pebbly beaches and its capital Funchal that is home to one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world.

Holidaymaker activities abound in guided tours of the capital adventurous hiking in the ‘Levada Region’ or diving in the Madeira aquarium, an activity that always thrills every holidaymaker to this destination.

Visit natural safe seawater pools, go on dolphin and whale watching charters, or if you are the adventurous types consider abseiling down the cliffs or jumping in pools from the top of waterfalls…

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Holidays makers passionate about exploring rich historical destinations will delight in visiting Malta a nation known for fascinating historic sites related to a succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British.

Go on guided tours for sightseeing awe-inspiring fortresses, spectacular megalithic temples and the dramatic ‘Saflieni Hypogeum’, which is a vast subterranean complex of halls and burial chambers dating to circa 4000 B.C.

Exciting casinos beckon for you to try your luck in Malta or experience the fun-filled nightlife for everyone and for nature lovers activities are simply endless.

Immerse yourself in some of the best sightseeing the world has to offer while enjoying the friendliness of the welcoming locals ready to take you on interesting guided tours that are simply mind-blowing experiences in every aspect.


Turkey Vacations

The east Mediterranean coast of turkey offers travellers an unrivalled holiday destination aptly named the turquoise coast for its picturesque and colourful beauty.

Beach vacation lovers will find the perfect beaches from the ‘Kleopatra to Cirali’ beaches all perfectly beautiful places to relax with a cocktail in hand while enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Holiday activities for holidaymakers here abound from guided park safaris tours to mini river cruises, visiting the many historical sites like the temple of Apollo to the Phaselis Antique city.

Vacation shopping, authentic gourmet cuisine and many fun watersports activities await holidaymakers that arrive at this amazing destination.

The locals are well known for welcoming tourists and making them feel at home doing everything possible to help maximize the experience of all the sites and activities that can be done on the East Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

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Rhodes Greece Vacations

Incredibly popular as a holiday destination Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, is the first choice for its spectacular beach resorts, incredible sightseeing and a vast array of activities for tourists.

The beautiful beaches from ‘Lindo Beach to Pefkos’ beach for some examples are perfect to luxuriate in the warm sunshine and in the evenings Rhodes comes to life with clubs, bars and restaurants even located on the outskirts of some of the gorgeous beaches.

The city of Rhodes has wonderful historical sites like the medieval Street of the Knights and the castle-like Palace of the Grand Masters.

Water sports’, guided day trips and tours to incredible sights and chartered boat tours will make for a full itinerary at this exceptional holiday destination…


New England Vacations

This north-eastern region of the United States consists of regions like Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island all known for their Colonial past.

With so much to do for holidaymakers, it is hard to choose but for family, getaways rest assured there is definitely something for everyone

Certainly, New England is a favourite for beach lovers offering pristine white soft sandy beaches and warm summers where you can relax and distress from fast-paced lifestyles.

Activities abound from visiting wonderful historical landmarks to hiking on incredible nature trails. Then there are whale watching excursions, special ferry boat trips, cycling tours and hiking nature trails, and of course, fabulous holiday shopping.

No matter what state you visit in New England USA rest assured you are going to experience an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime.

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Cyprus vacations

Cyprus is known for its magical beaches, crystal turquoise ocean waters and fascinating archaeological sites making it the perfect holiday destination for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

No matter what time of the years you visit to enjoy a climate that is comfortably warm all year round and if you come as a family there are activities to keep you busy that everyone will love.

Visit interesting museums with awe-inspiring artefacts, beautiful statues including the 10-meter statue of Aphrodite, and swim in the famous Adonis pool below cascading waterfalls.

The stunning Cape Greco is also a must visit while in Cyprus a protected national park offering beautiful nature trails and stunning views of the sea.

After visiting Cyprus you will definitely hanker to return to this incredible holiday destination a popular choice for millions of tourists from all over the world.

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Nepal Vacations

The Central Himalayan country Nepal in South East Asia attracts millions of holidaymakers from across the globe because although relatively small in size it has tons to offer visitors.

The fascinating jungles filled with Yaks, Yetis and indigenous wildlife offer enchanting trails for hikers, and many ventures to visit the famous Mount Everest base camp.

Visit the ‘Chitwan National Park’ riding atop an elephant where more than 500 species of birds make their home each year and you have a chance to see bears, tigers and crocodiles on this guided tour.

Other activities on your exciting holiday to Nepal include exploring ‘Pokhara’ the lovely lakeside town, mountain biking in Kathmandu valley and sightseeing tours to fabulous temples.

There is simply so much to do while visiting Nepal you may even consider extending your holiday here for an unforgettable vacation of a lifetime.

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The hustle and bustle of Cairo, Egypt’s capital is set on the Nile River makes holidaymakers feel truly alive and the local shopping markets offer incredible shopping for almost everything under the sun.

Look forward to one of the most exciting holidays ever when you visit Cairo which can include some dramatic sightseeing in the vast Egyptian museums that include royal mummies and gilded King Tutankhamen artefacts.

You will certainly Visit Giza which is the site of the iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx, dating to the 26th century BC. Then a must stop off is visiting the 187m Cairo Tower that affords panoramic city views for incredible photos for your holiday album.

Choose from plenty of day tour options to see spectacular sites while visiting Cairo and you will realize why tourists flock to visit this fabulous destination every year.

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Las Vegas vacations

Your exciting holiday to Las Vegas certainly needs no introduction and millions of people visit this desert oasis in Nevada every year.

Look forward to staying in luxurious accommodations, entertainment, fine dining in any of the dozens of restaurants and your choice of casinos along the strip make visiting Las Vegas a magical experience.

Some must-see sightseeing will be to visit some of the wonderful hotels boasting elaborate displays such as colour lit fountains synchronized to music.

Must see visits also include trips to view replicas of an Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal, and the Eiffel Tower but there are lots more besides these…

Nightlife is breathtaking with so much to see and do your days in Las Vegas will certainly be a magical holiday experience and a memorable one at that.

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Hong Kong Vacations

Your visit to Hong Kong located in south-eastern China allows you to explore this vibrant densely populated skyscraper studded city with so much to see and do, choosing an extended holiday there is a must.

Visit the amazing Hong Kong version of Disneyland the breathtaking Ocean Park experience some of the most exciting water parks and the Hong Kong observation wheel reminiscent of the London Eye wheel in London.

Hong Kong is a major shopping destination for all the technological gadgets you can dream of but it doesn’t stop there with fashion, jewellery, fine dining and entertainment that will thrill holidaymakers in every way. Hong Kong offers much more in the way of historical sites exploration, nature reserves, hiking trails and an array of activities to satisfy the most discerning traveller…

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Perth Vacations

The warm climate of Perth, the capital of Western Australia is perfect for your next beach holiday on the southwest coast where golden sandy beaches hug the suburbs making this a gem of a holiday destination.

Walking or hiking the gorgeous Swan River Western Australia’s heritage site is sightseeing at its best with picturesque photographic scenic views with guided tours or as you prefer.

Perth further offers a wide array of exceptional holiday activities from immersing yourself in local cultures to fine dining, museums, art galleries and zoos with Australia’s indigenous and unique wildlife.

Horse riding excursions guided tours to the wave rock and swan valley are all experiences not to be missed while visiting Perth and with so much to do there consider making this your next magical holiday destination.


Sydney Australia Holidays

Visiting the magical Sydney Opera house for real should be something ion everyone’s bucket list and for your next unforgettable holiday consider booking a trip to Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities.

Part of your must-see sightseeing should include the Massive Darling Harbour and the smaller Circular Quay port both hubs of waterside life. When you feel like relaxing and soaking up the sunshine Australia then visit the well known Bondi Beach the in place to be, lined with cafes on the Campbell parade, and also surfers paradise it is no wonder this is named one of the iconic beaches in Australia.

Fine dining in Sydney balloon rides over the majestic Camden Valley are just a fraction of dozens of activities holidaymakers can look forward to.

After your first visit to Sydney Australia for your holiday getaway, it will certainly not be your last!

Auckland New Zealand

New Zealand

Auckland is certainly going to be your next unforgettable holiday destination when you realize all the wonderful things you can do while visiting.

Visit one of the largest penguin colonies in the world here, gaze into the mesmerizing Great Barrier island dark sky sanctuary to take in stunning night skies perfect for stargazers.

Make certain to plan your day trip to what is known as the Isle of wine ‘Waiheke Island’ a slice of paradise boasting beautiful island beaches and some famous wineries.

Guided tours and sightseeing at its best are found in Auckland including visiting  authentic villages representing different Pacific Island nations during the annual ‘Pasifika Festival’, where visitors can browse the indigenous food and art stalls and catch live music and dancing.’

Auckland is a wonderful holiday destination that will provide you with cherished memories from these and many other wonderful experiences on offer.

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Grenada Vacations

Grenada also aptly named the island of spice is a Caribbean island home to numerous nutmeg plantations.  Experience a wonderful beach holiday with a difference luxuriating in warm tropical sunshine on the powdered sands of iconic ‘Grand Anse Beach’.

Holiday activities abound in Grenada from wandering the quaint picturesque streets of St George town to visiting the ‘River Antoine Rum Distillery’.

Nature lovers will revel in visiting the ‘Grand Etang National Park and Forest Preserve’, and scuba diving in crystal clear Caribbean waters will allow you to see some of the most spectacular marine life on the planet.

Souvenir shopping in the St George’s market square is unparalleled with many other tropical destinations with so much choice on offer, and of course spices that fill the air with pleasant aromas.

Book your holiday to Grenada and besides the above, there are numerous fascinating day tours that will allow you to experience everything in this wonderful Caribbean island country.

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Bulgaria Skiing

Thinking of Bulgaria as a holiday destination conjures up images of snow-capped mountains and skiing resorts but this land of contrasts’ offers holidaymakers the best of both worlds.

The sunny beach along Bulgaria’s black sea coastline is perfect to laze in the sun with a cocktail in hand and of course for the young at heart, water sports are plentiful. This stunning country offers something for everyone whether explorer adventurer or history buffs.

Immerse yourself in the cultural sights of ‘Sozopol’, or consider hiking through the breathtaking pristine ‘Strandja National Park’, while drinking in the gorgeous landscapes and discovering unexpected historical treasures.

The range of exciting summer activities Bulgaria offer include horseback trekking, hiking on exquisitely beautiful nature trails, going on guided safaris tours, visiting hot springs and vibrant forests.

Of course in the winter Bulgaria becomes the winter wonderland a popular skiing destination for travellers coming from all over the world making this a magical vacation country for anyone.

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Bahamas Vacations

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas well known all over the world for a paradise of beaches as well as the diversity of marine life living among the offshore coral reefs, popular for diving and snorkelling.

Of course, Nassau in the Bahamas is not just about beaches although it certainly is the first choice for honeymooners and couples, but offers holidaymakers a full array of activities.

Plan on taking historical city tours, land and sea sightseeing and visit some interesting historical sites like ‘The Queens Staircase’ and ‘Fort Charlotte’.

Nassau Bahamas Island holidays offer everything you can dream up from fishing charters to powerboat excursions, fine dining, souvenirs shopping, and a wide choice of luxurious accommodation in resorts that will pamper you like royalty.

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Abu Dhabi vacations

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, offers a fascinating holiday in a comfortably warm climate that lures people from many countries where cold weather is the norm.

Dotted with the stunning architecture of beautiful dome mosques and high rise skyscrapers makes it a country of contrasts both picturesque and awe-inspiring.

Must see tours include visiting the majestic Emirates Palace, having fun at the ‘Yas’ Water World in Abu Dhabi, shopping at the huge ‘Yas’ Mall, and the ‘Etihad Towers’ both architectural marvels touching the sky.

Beach lovers can relax on the stunning ‘Saadiyat Public beaches’ on crisp white sands, or visit the popular ‘Corniche beaches’.

Choose from an array of tours by bus to explore the city and join in the fun nightlife while being awed at the city lights at night particularly at the Marina mall lighting that is incredible and unique.

Abu Dhabi offers an unforgettable vacation for anyone, and your itinerary will be filled with sensational activities you will enjoy every moment of…

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Antigua vacations

Antigua located in the Caribbean is another of the tropical island destinations sought out by travellers seeking to soak up the warm sunshine on sandy beaches.

A diversity of marine life abounds in the coral reefs surrounding Antigua and hiking trails up to the Shirley Heights a historic military look outpost offers you breathtakingly beautiful panoramic views.

The many guided yours on Antigua allow you to explore the majestic ‘Acatenango’ and ‘Pacayo’ both semi-dormant volcanoes, and if you prefer sightseeing in the city you can choose any of multiple excursions that will take you to points of interest.

Antigua offers holidaymakers beautiful museums, architectural marvels in churches, nature and park tours or even specially designed theme tours if you prefer.

This beautiful island paradise beckons any discerning traveller that wants nothing less than the best in a memorable vacation.

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Very few people have not heard of this beautiful country that has so much to offer tourists and it is no wonder that millions of people from all over the world choose this as their preferred destination.

Being the capital of Argentina a city with a rich history and diverse cultures, it caters for everything holidaymakers can think of in activities. Sightseeing wise there are over 1001 places to visit so it is wise choosing select tours to make the most of your holiday here.

Visit the must-see ‘Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires’, the stunning contemporary art museum, ask for a guided tour of the ‘Reserva Ecólogica Costanera Sur’ a lush stretch of nature reserve smack in the middle of the city, and plan a night out in Palermo to experience nightlife at its best.

Buenos Aires in Argentina is such a fascinating destination you will surely plan a second visit because there is simply no way to experience all its wonders on one visit alone.

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