How to Make Positive Life Choices: Become the Optimist, Destroy the Pessimist


Choosing Positive Life Choices No Matter What Makes You Become an Optimist!

Optimist Positive Thinking

Always Say, It’s All Good! No Matter What.

We all see things differently, hence the saying ‘the glass is half full’ and to some ‘half-empty’.  The situation we find ourselves in usually comes down to personal life choices and often things are irreversible.

If you came second in a race would you be happy or would you never try again?  In this instance the race is already over so the outcome cannot be changed.

By telling yourself this you can lessen the mental impact as there isn’t really anything you can do at this point except look forward and continue with a wiser outlook, it’s all good!

Do You Have Life Dreams but have convinced yourself none will ever come true?

Some people are discouraged by little things while others just push away obstacles in their path determined to enjoy life to the fullest. What type of person are you?

Life is all about choices and you have the option of always being negative and living like a pessimist or being positive and an optimist. Once again those are life choices you can make and they certainly are up to you as well so start thinking positive and this will turn your life around and help with depression.

It may sound difficult and often ridiculous when reality can be so harsh but the brain is our most powerful tool and by using it to see the small things in life or the beauty around us, we can use these things to create a positive environment for ourselves.

Think Positive

Why Live a Life of Optimism?

Optimism and positive thinking are proven to lift your mood, boost morale and overall well-being.  It does not matter what career you are in or how life is outside of your career.  If you are a positive person your life overall becomes better so always be the optimist no matter what happens.

If you are deeply a pessimist then the opposite is true and things will always look bad, with a possibility of getting worse.

Be The Optimist

Today more people are pessimists than optimists and watching the news each day can make you even more unhappy and depressed.

Life choices at times also seem limited in what you can accomplish, where you can travel to on holiday and how you can live on the money you earn.

No matter what part of your life or age you are, maintaining positive thinking and optimism will lift up your spirits and you will never be put down.  Depression is a very serious problem in society today with many young people in a deep depression with high suicide rates as a result.

The good news is that we are able to share more than ever before making everyone aware of things like depression and the reality of living with it.  Knowing this makes it easier to talk to people about how you feel and it will always end with a positive, happier experience.

The acknowledgement of depression in society is an incredible step forward, you are included and should never forget that your existence is important.

Training your mind to be positive can be difficult during this time but you should keep at it and life choices will become easier and positive as a result.

Every cloud really does have a silver lining, but for pessimists, every cloud is a thunderstorm coming!

Learn to be an Optimist

Here are The Ways an Optimist Thinks and Their Thought Patterns:

a) Optimists expect everything to turn out to be the best, no matter how bad things look or how big the obstacle facing them is.

b) Pessimists believe things will get worse and there is simply no way they are going to be able to make things better.  Pessimists will ‘make a mountain out of a molehill’ as the saying goes.

Everyone suffers from the same hardships the world throws at us.  From our health to careers and everything in between.  One thing we all share as humans is the experience of life which includes good and bad for all.  Whether you are rich or poor, we all have problems.  If you speak to positive successful people, they will tell you that their obstacles were just a temporary setback.

How to Think Positive

You make your own life choices according to circumstances you face, what you see in front of you may seem like obstacles but every path is different and comes with its own set of obstacles too.  Our ability to overcome these obstacles or challenges lies within our mindset.

Approaching almost any task with ‘a look on the bright side’ has an impact which will make you feel more motivated and help you to enjoy taking down examples.

‘When I worked 12-hour night shifts and always felt tired, I decided to look at the positive of being able to enjoy the daylight more than most and even though I knew it only lasted a few hours, but the freedom of a Monday morning became more and more appealing.  So much so that I started to look at my job as a blessing and couldnt see myself working any other hours!’

Optimists always focus on finding solutions to problems and when failing they opt to go for another another route to get to the solution.  They believe mistakes are vital to the growth and will continue to always push forward, looking forward to a brighter outcome.

Optimists and Friendly Social People

Optimists are proactive and will not depend on others to make them happy even though they may have many friends and positive people around them, they know that happiness comes from within your own mind.

Positive thinking and firm life choices are the makeup of an optimist in every way. Pessimists and negative thinkers will spread gloom, panic and fear, often causing hysteria in dangerous situations.

Be a Joyful Optimist

Learn to start being an optimist by training your mind to think and react positively to all situations.  When the going gets tough, push forward always believing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and honestly there will be.

The advantages and health benefits of positive thinking and being an optimist are proven to help you live longer, happier and more fulfilled life.

Medical research has proven that positive thinking helps boost your immune system and fight diseases.

Make positive life choices today and learn to become resilient to overcome any bad situation by always seeing the positive side of it.

Life coaching can help you become a positive person and an optimist. Though it is possible to do these things on your own, seeking or asking for help is always welcome and takes a bit of the load off on the road to feeling happy.

Simply put on your rose colored glasses and see the glass as half full, the flowers growing around the mud patch and any obstacle that was tossed your way as bonus because it will make you stronger. Always think Positive!