Feeling Stressed Out? Apply These 4 Powerful Methods to Relieve Stress Fast This Year!

Stress Management

4 Methods to Relieve Stress This Year and Take Back Control of Your Life!

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Its time To Relieve Stress If You Are Always Feeling Stressed Out, Anxious, Brooding, Depressed and Even Feel Overwhelmed by Life?

When I see people or family members that are stressed out, I ask them what is causing them to be so anxious and worried, or what they are brooding about. Its time to take steps to relieve stress and start living your life…YOUR way!

Many people cannot even remember the last time they even had a decent holiday to renew their spirits and slow life down.

I have found from listening to their answers, from reading many articles, and from my own experiences that the three top causes of stress are financial, health and relationship related.

Breaking these down, will help you pinpoint why you are stressed out, and then we will investigate some effective ways to help you relieve stress fast. Naturally each point can be further broken down into subcategories but you will get a proper idea of what people mainly stress about.

Financial Related Stress Issues are Mainly:

  • Career and Job Related.
  • Debt and Budget related.
  • Comparison Anxiety Stress.
  • Retirement Stress Anxiety.

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Financial Stress

Stressed Out About Health Mainly:

  • Anxiety about Illnesses.
  • Stress about Weight and Appearance.
  • Stress about Ageing.
  • Stress about Aches and Pains.
  • Stress about Personal Safety.

Relationship Stress is Mainly Caused by:

  • Living up to expectations.
  • Anxiety about trust in relationships.
  • Parenting and child related stress.
  • Fear and anxiety of being alone.

Financial and Job Stress Summary:

Almost every average person stresses about money, and even the wealthy get stressed about being wealthy. Close to the end of each month many people stress whether they will have enough money to service debt payments, manage the household budget, and the stress becomes even worse when there are unforeseen expenses, or that there is not enough money to cope.

Career and job stress adds even more pressures to this, and you can end up being seriously stressed out. You feel overwhelmed at work, unable to cope, feel anxious about a promotion, project, or meeting, exhausted.

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How to Manage Stress

Health Issues and Appearance.

The media has much to say about illnesses, dread diseases, new forms of influenza, cancers, Zitka disease, Ebola and all this causes us to become more conscious about our health and when we feel any ache or pain we can believe the worst. Eat this not that, be careful about poisons in foods, beware of the new strain of….whatever.

Then looking up symptoms online when you don’t feel so good; can make you believe a stomach ache from indigestion, is actually a serious disease, or even stomach cancer. This will step up your stress levels a notch and you can make yourself REALLY ill from all the stress and anxiety.

Then you have stress about from the media about keeping up with the fashion, how you are supposed to behave and conform to society, what you read in social media online, and you better exercise otherwise you are going to die young.

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Health issues

Relationships and Family.

Relationship stress comes from trying to please others from family to friends, colleagues and even acquaintances you have met on social media.  Then, new relationships can suffer from trust issues, or the fear from not being in a relationship and having to grow old alone.

What about Social media stress from your friends and acquaintances’ Good Morning Facebook’

Then you have  parents suffering  from stress about their children, and the technology revolution is not making it any easier either…  So at some time or another you are going to be stressed out, and by now you well know that chronic stress DOES cause serious illness.

Through my research; too much stress DOES cause serious illnesses to be triggered, like strokes, heart disease, cancer and diabetes for some examples. Mental illnesses like depression, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. If you are already suffering from an illness…adding much stress can make it worse.

If you read this website lifestyle tips section, you will find some accurate information on how to relieve stress fast and about effective relaxation techniques,  but I am also going to add some littler known, or perhaps little applied methods for ways to relieve stress fast.

By learning how to relieve stress and anger and knowing what to do when you are stressed out to vent that stress, will do you a world of good.  You will also manage your life better, and in some cases after identifying what causes you to be so stressed, take real steps to avoid the causes altogether.

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How to Stop Worrying About Relationships


  1. Share your Stress With Someone.

Sounds strange right, but believe it or not, when you talk to someone about what is stressing you it helps you feel better when it is out in the open.

Family members, friends and even work colleagues will know when you are stressed out, and when you let them know why, they may even be able to help you see things in another perspective, and even better help you find some effective solutions to your issues causing your stress.

If something is worrying you, or even causing you to feel stressed out and embarrassed, learn to share it with someone, and you will feel like you are sharing the burden. The saying ‘two heads are better than one’ is true when it concerns finding solutions to a problem.

  1. Listen to Calming Relaxation Music With Your Soul!

Relaxation music is very powerful to help relieve stress fast, and there are some great online stores when you can buy beautiful calming tracks and compilations.  When you listen to relaxation music, then you must do it with your very soul and being, and let it flow through your mind savoring every chord and harmony.

Personally I bought 6 CDs with calming relaxation music quite a while ago,  (which is also excellent to help meditation if you practice this) and I have played them so often, they became  scratched to pieces. Now I downloaded the tracks off the CDs and now play them direct on my computer.

If you want to buy wonderful relaxation music, you can conveniently buy and download it directly these days. Have a look at some offers on this website if you like…

Once you are ready to listen to your relaxation music, take time out somewhere peaceful if possible where you can close your eyes and sit down, or lie down, and deeply feel the music flow into you, and you will find that your entire body starts to relax.  The calm music is truly effective in helping you let go of stress.

These days while I work, I still play my relaxation music on my computer, and my subconscious takes it in allowing me to focus on what I am doing as well.

If you are really stressed out, invest in relaxation music for your smart phone, and dedicate time out to listen to it and relax to let the stress go. When you are able to think clearly afterwards when you are relaxed, then things you were stressed out about no longer look so bad.

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Stress Killers

  1. Tell Yourself ‘I am Only Human’

You may find that this is a strange way to relieve stress, but when you identify what is stressing you out and mentally, or even out loud, say the words ‘I am Only Human’ you start feeling back in control. Relax your hunched up shoulders when you feel stressed out, and say those words a few times, while taking a deep slow breath in and out, rolling your neck and letting the stressful thoughts out with each exhalation of your breath.

These words remind you that there is only so much you can do as a person, to handle your stressful situation, makes you realize that thousands of other people are suffering from similar stressful issues, and situations, and feelings.  We are only human after all and not gods which means we will never have all the answers to every problem and obstacle in our lives.

Whatever you have to face which is stressing you…This WILL Eventually Pass!

  1. Write Down Your Stress Causes in a Diary.

You will be able to identify what is causing you to be stressed out at any given time, so open a diary or notebook and write down every single little problem, every task you need to do, every appointment you have to keep, and every bill you have to pay.

It does not look so bad when you read what you have written in your lists, and where possible, you can see how to avoid some situations causing you stress. It is a good idea to keep different pages in your book for different stress problems.

For examples: List financial stress and money worries on one page.  Create a Things to do page, and lists of appointments and what have to be done on another. Perhaps another page for problem areas in your relationships that you want to discuss with your partner, family or others etc.

Put into practice those simple 4 things to apply when you are stressed out, and you will find them powerful ways to relieve stress, and take back control of your life.

It’s YOUR life, YOUR choices, YOUR feelings and you are no longer going to allow stress to control you!

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