6 Ways to Start Being Kind To Yourself Because You Deserve it!

How to be Kind To Yourself

It’s Time to Start Being Kind to YOURSELF Right Now!

Be Kind To Yourself

The Pandemic Has Left Everyone Stressed, Unhappy, and Angry. Its Time to be Kind to Yourself Right Now!

You may be kind to others and a great guy or girl to be with but you may neglect being kind to yourself , putting yourself down at every chance letting that inner voice ridicule, criticize and break you down at every opportunity. The pandemic has changed many people and life seems a mess right now but you can calm everything down and take back control again.

You probably are like most people not realizing that it is important to be kind to yourself using the rule of thumb that if you cannot love yourself first, how can you love others?  Don’t think for one moment that this is a stupid, immature notion because it is not…

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You’re Criticizing Thoughts…

While you are in deep thought you may be criticizing yourself, and think about that for a bit…., have you lately been calling yourself fat, an idiot, stupid, ugly, crazy, or any manner of negative things?

Yes you have, and it has happened in some circumstance or another! It’s time to turn this negativity around, and start being kind to yourself  from now onward, because after all, how are you going to be comfortable with others, if you are not comfortable with yourself?

Self Kindness

What not apply these 6 simple tips to start being nice to You, and when you do, you will find that the world starts becoming a wonderful place, and life starts feeling so much more fun too…

  1. Start by being acutely aware of what you are thinking, and monitor those negative thoughts, crushing them immediately with positive ones. Talk to yourself, and your inner voice to start being kind to yourself, and focus on your good traits, deeds,  knowledge, skills, and accomplishments.
  1. Make a conscious effort to be more positive about everything, from your appearance to your skills and looks,  and yes…tell yourself ‘I love you’ although you may think it sounds silly. Say this in front of a mirror for the best results, and you will find that you will immediately start feeling happier and warm inside. Go on try it!
  1. Try your best to do something you enjoy doing every day and don’t ignore rewarding yourself often as well. In our stressful lifestyles we can end up being too busy to reward ourselves with our favorite foods, an enjoyable activity or outing, and sometimes this can happen for days or even weeks… That’s bad!
  1. Start being kind to yourself by setting aside some ME time for those rewarding fun activities, and do it often and with someone you care about, remembering life is but fleeting.. so don’t always plan it…just do it! Make some room in your life to start having fun, and deeply enjoying every moment of it. Life will start getting better…
  1. It is important to surround yourself with positive like-minded people if you want to start being kind to yourself, and that means avoiding those that are always breaking you down. These negative people will tear you down, and criticize everything about you… from your appearance to your skills, your actions, or activities.
  1. Keep a record of the good things you know about yourself, like how skilled you are at certain tasks, how grateful and friendly you are as a person, how helpful you are, how beautiful you are and how important you are. You are such a great cook…great worker, such a friendly person, so good looking… Yes, I am!

Be Kind to You!

Don’t be reluctant to compliment yourself often, and don’t feel that this is conceited either. During the pandmic reach out to others that are feeling lost and alone and karma will reward you back.

Being kind to yourself means listing all your virtues and showing gratitude for these too. When you tell yourself in the mirror ‘I love you’ also say I am fantastic too! So how about starting being kind to yourself and practicing gratitude, taking me time, enjoying life’s rewards and when you do so you will start being happier with everything around you.

This will attract not only positive loving people to you but good things from the universe and God as well.

Whether you are a guy or a girl….You are an Angel so start being kind to yourself!

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