The Increase of Severe Anxiety In Modern Lifestyles. Tips to Identify and Cope.

Managing Anxiety

Understanding & Managing Severe Anxiety in Modern Lifestyles.

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Managing Anxiety

Suffering From Severe Anxiety? You are Not Alone.

It is understandable many people are suffering from severe anxiety today. What with false news, the pandemic, politics, drastic weather disasters, and financial stress are all contributing to this.

In today’s modern world, it seems as if almost everyone experiences some form of stress either in their work environment or at school, if they are there. Severe anxiety is becoming common in modern lifestyles probably because of the technology explosion, high pressure careers,  political upheavals and terrorism.

The body’s reaction to chronic levels of stress is severe anxiety, which happens very often in rushed lifestyles and you may be adding to it without knowing it.. A mild form of anxiety can be beneficial to people, because this may assist them in handling the stressful situation by compelling them face it, and find a positive solution.

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Anxiety Issues

The problem arises when the anxiety becomes so severe that it causes the person to become engulfed by their feelings, which creates the situation in which they are so anxious that they are unable to handle their stress. This excessive or severe anxiety has been named anxiety disorder.

Many different symptoms may present themselves in anxiety disorder. Typical of these are fatigue, heart palpitations, chest pain, nausea, stomach pains, shortness of breath and headaches.

As you become more anxious your body prepares to deal with this. Blood pressure and heart rate may rise and blood may flow to the major muscle groups in your body to prepare for the anxiety.

Proper functioning of the immune and digestive systems may be interrupted. You may notice that you become pale, sweaty, your pupils may dilate and you may feel shivery. With this severe anxiety you may be swamped by feelings of panic or fear.

Very common manifestations of severe anxiety are panic attacks. Unfortunately they can appear unannounced and without any sort of indication that they are about to occur.

Usually the emotion of fear that accompanies the panic attack is completely unreasonable, but it feels intensely realistic to the person having the panic attack. It can sometimes appear to the person that they may faint or even worse. These panic attacks have frequently been thought to be heart attacks.

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Common Severe Anxiety Symptoms…

Along with the physical signs of anxiety, are many emotional ones as well. Some of these are a sense of uneasiness, tension, not able to concentrate, easily annoyed, fear something bad is going to happen, agitation and many generally have the sensation that there is a void in their mind.

These people may also endure nightmares, be consumed by their emotions and suffer from a general dread of the world surrounding them. They also feel as if their mind has complete control over themselves and as if they have no other way to respond or behave.

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Anxiety help

The most familiar emotion connected to anxiety is fear. An overpowering fear of dying may be foremost in their minds and that is why the physical symptoms that are a part of anxiety like chest pains appears to be a heart attack. In a similar way those that suffer from severe headaches think it is a brain tumor or an aneurysm.

This fear of death causes even more anxiety when the person keeps focusing on it, and unfortunately some people are dominated by these thoughts of death and dying, so that they are unable to think about anything else. Not all anxious people have these fears, some accept death as a natural part of life.

Use practical methods to manage and overcome severe anxiety and chronic stress so that you can take back control of your life…


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