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For My Wife Rita…Now Sadly Missed!

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The Woman in Our Lives…

The Comfort of a Woman

Woman the anchor, the giver, the bringer of new life into our world!

Let me seek solace in the arms of a woman,

For it is a woman that gives meaning in life for every man,

It is a woman that will wipe the sweat from your brow after toiling in the fields.

It is a woman that will provide you with comfort when you are ill; patiently nursing you back to health.

The Comfort of a Woman


Find Happiness, Comfort and Strength in Your Woman…

It is a woman that provides nurturing and pleasure with the curve of her breast,

It is a woman that will give you satiation, infinite pleasure and peace with the sweetness of her loins,

It is a woman that will give a man the strength to overcome any of life’s obstacles,

It is a woman’s smile and laughter that will give men joy and happiness!

Your Woman your Anchor the Giver of Life…

It is a woman that brings new life into this world,

It is the woman that is the pillar of a family,

…For only a woman can be the wife, the mother, and the grandmother of all.

The Comfort of a Woman

Seek happiness, comfort and Joy in the Arms of a Woman!

…For when you seek solace, comfort and nurturing… in the arms of a woman you are complete.

Men…Treasure every moment with your woman for when she is gone you will be adrift without an anchor.

Your woman, your wife your companion, your friend and the pillar in the family, is the greatest gift from God… for every man.

When your woman is gone to become an angel in heaven, a deep painful void is left in your heart and an emptiness in your life.

The comfort of knowing your woman that was always there for you now gone forever, leaves you feeling shattered and lost!

It is only after she has gone that you realize… that without a woman in your life, … you will struggle to find meaning and purpose.

Seek happiness by finding your woman and soul mate, for she is out there, and when you do, then love her, cherish her and treasure every single moment together…

For My Beautiful Wife, Lover, Friend and Soulmate Rita… 1963 to 2019 Now a Special Angel in Heaven

I Will Always love you Sweetpea