Experiencing the Best Of Bali Indonesia, a Fun, Adventurous Bucket List Destination!

The Best Of Bali Tours and Attractions

Everyone Wants a Memorable Beach Holiday and A Perfect Choice is The Best of Bali that Offers a Multitude of Wonderful Experiences!

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The Best Of Bali

The Best of Bali is….Everything!  Add This Gorgeous Destination to Your Bucket List!

Many travellers choose Bali in Indonesia to experience the incredibly diverse and rich cultures, heritage and adventure experiences.  Some say the best of Bali is the beautiful coastlines, panoramic scenery and beautiful beaches and oceans, but rest assured this destination will cater for the most picky travellers.

Nature lovers  can’t stop speaking about the ‘Jatiluwih Rice plantations, which provide a breathtaking view of panoramic rice fields stretching as far as your eyes can see, while beach lovers will tell you their pristine sandy beaches and crystal clear oceans are absolutely delightful, and a scuba divers paradise too.

Another must is to visit endless wonderfully fertile rice fields stretching from the foothills of the Batukaru volcano right down to the tip of their south coast.

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The west side of Batukaru is famous for their breathtakingly beautiful and magnificent landscapes and if you go up to the mountain village, Jatiluwih, you can see the terraced slopes which are truly a wonder of the world, the resultant crops able to feed thousands of people as well as being sufficient for rice exports.

There are many ways to travel around Bali either in a rental car or if you like adventure you can rent motorcycles which are more fun and cooler than driving in a car because Bali can get very warm during the summer.

Planning your tours and attractions with professional guides is the perfect, as well as the safest way to explore the best of Bali and they are all exceptionally affordable too. You will find some exciting options in the links within this article to get started.

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Bali Adventures and Experiences



Bali has many wonderful experiences for every age group and you can get the best of Bali attractions and tours to enjoy this incredible destination fully no matter what you have on your dream travel bucket list.

Choose sightseeing to see the most incredible breathtaking sights like the magnificent mountains, the endless rice fields’ natural unspoiled forests and waterfalls and indigenous flora and fauna. These beautiful sights are sure to fill your travel photo album to make cherished memories that you can share with others.

Thousands of tourists visit Bali many times over and it truly is a place where you can relax and recharge your spirit, something that is important to your health and well being.

Whether you love scuba diving and snorkelling, nature, wildlife or historical places to visit its all at this beautiful location in Indonesia. You will also love the fine cuisine dining experiences you will find all over Bali!

Other Bucket List style attractions and adventures you can look forward to in Bali include horse riding,  hiking, fun elephant rides, zip-lining and bungy jumping,  cycling tours, river rafting, and even local sea cruises.

There are even fabulous golf courses for golf lovers and wonderful fun activities for children.

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The Best Of Bali

Experience adventure travel at its most awesome when you enjoy the Best of Bali which offers something special for every age group.

Bucket list dream travel should always be the most exciting and gratifying experiences in your life and its even more fun where you are able to share it with others close to you like family and friends

However, with the exotic places, wilderness, and virgin forests at faraway destinations that one might consider, it is a must that every traveller knows the proper way how to protect themselves and what to do first before visiting the country. Read useful tips and guidelines for a smooth travel experience here.

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