10 Tips For Slowing Down Life With Time Management to Help Get Things Done and Start Achieving YOUR Dreams!!

Managing Your Time

Start Applying These 10 Tips for Effective Time Management to Do More and Enjoy Life More.

Time Management

Do More, Achieve More and Enjoy More By Managing Your Time Better!

Many of us tend to forget the importance of effective time management.  By effectively managing our time we can get everything we want to do complete within the deadlines we set, free up more time for ourselves and slow down life a bit.

The best way to manage the time you have is with proper planning and sticking to an effective time management diary.  Your Diary should also have Your Bucket List written down of what you would love to do in your life and the steps you should take to achieve your visions!

Time Management

Managing time properly will reduce stress and free up more time to spend with our families and for recreation activities.  Here are 10 excellent tips for effective time management.

  1. Take Good Care of Yourself

Ensure good grooming because you will always look and feel your best which improves your confidence

  1. Remind Yourself of the Things You Are Grateful For

We often tend to focus purely on the negatives and stress over life’s little mishaps too much.  Change this attitude to focus on being positive and you will discover that negativity and life’s little worries are much easier to overcome.

  1. Look for the Proof Instead of Making Assumptions

Most of us are quick to make assumptions and decisions without knowing the facts.  Always take a moment to examine the facts first before making important decisions or tackling projects.  By doing this, you can streamline the task or project you want to take on effectively, or even find ways to outsource.

  1. Refrain from Using Absolutes!

What this means is that when you think or speak in absolutes such as “always” or “never”, you tend to never find a proper solution to any of the problems you are facing, as you do not believe that a positive solution exists.

  1. Remove all Your Negative Thoughts.

Instead of focusing on the negatives in a situation, focus on the positives and ‘think positive about finding solutions to problems or finishing tasks and projects.  Positivity will help you get through any crisis, solve a problem,  and reduce your stress levels while doing so.

  1. Draw Up a Diary and Stick to It.

You should keep a diary for appointments, goals, dreams and things you want to do daily.  When you have a list of short term and long term goals you might find decision making a lot easier.  You can also keep a whiteboard on your refrigerator to keep a list of immediate tasks that must be handled.

  1. Practice Loving, Touching and Being More Physical With (Your Friends and Family)…

Make an effort and a habit of always giving your loved ones proper greetings, giving hugs and other forms of physical attention, you will find that they will open up to you, and you, in turn, will also feel more loved.

  1. Increase Your Social Interactions

Try to increase your social interaction, even doing simple things like smiling at a stranger or greeting a fellow person walking in the street, or being polite and using good manners with everyone. Soon you will start to feel like part of the community and will even start to make some new friends.

  1. Consider volunteering

Look-up a local charitable organization and see if you are able to focus on helping others.  This is good karma because doing kind deeds for others will make the universe give the same back to you where people will be more inclined to do something good for you.  Positive energy most definitely breeds positive results.  This is a proven fact of life.

  1. Change your stale routine

Being stuck in a rut or a stale routine will cause you to become bored and frustrated.  This increases negativity, something we mentioned previously that should be avoided.  Even small changes in your daily routine can make life feel fresher and newer.

By applying these ten tips you will slowly start to feel more confident and less stressed.  Slow life down a bit because you CAN learn how to relax and enjoy everything in your stride.  Doing this will also help you to be able to face all your problems and handle a busy schedule with a more positive attitude that will lead to effective time management.

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