8 Bucket List Attractions Not to Miss When you Visit The Big Apple!

Visit New York a City Of Many Faces, Diverse Cultures and Unforgettable Experiences for Tourists!

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Many people dream of seeing the most famous city in the United States; New York City or as many fondly call it the Big Apple a vibrant city that never sleeps alive with a diverse bustling culture of people from all over the world!

This city is the king of metropolitan life, offering visitors the excitement of huge plasma screens in Times Square to the well known lush greenery of Central Park a location of many Hollywood films. New York travel should be on everyone’s bucket lists and it is not expensive to make this dream come true

When you visit New York it is everything you dream about a hustling bustling city of a diverse range of people. A definite Bucket list attraction when you visit New York is the famous Ellis Island the home of the Statue of Liberty that seen firsthand will fill you with a sense of awe.

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Visit New York and Cross it Off Your Bucket List!

New York is also named the “city that never sleeps,” and is, of course, the centre of music, fashion, culture, the hub of finance, an array of wonderful world-class museums rich histories and interesting peoples from all walks of life.

The city of New York is at the centre of Manhattan, and around this are the other 4 boroughs namely Queens, The Bronx Brooklyn, and Staten Island, which is connected to Manhattan by the magnificent suspension bridge the largest in the United States and a sight to see which is awesome on its own.

Must-Do Bucket List Tours:

Visit the New York Statue of Liberty.

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The Statue of Liberty the universal symbol of freedom is a definite tourist attraction and no one should ever travel to visit New York without stopping there.  This statue was a gift from the French celebrating their alliance with the United States during the American revolution in 1865. The best way to see this magnificent towering statue is by ferry to Ellis island that leaves every half an hour and while on the island pop in to see the fabulous Immigration Museum.

Visit New York, Central Park.

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Visit Central park a New York legend; offering sights of luscious greenery beautifully kept lawns lakes and fountains a wildlife sanctuary famous for the beautiful cherry blossoms when in full bloom an area that covers over 850 acres that will take you two hours to walk around. While there you are apt to see many outdoor enthusiasts, and perhaps even a mini-concert at one of the local venues and many other great tourist attractions. Central Park also has the famous zoo a wonderful museum of art and much more to see. The best experience is choosing a professionally guided tour to maximize the enjoyment of the central park.

Visit the Awe-Inspiring Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

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The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is the world’s biggest Gothic cathedral a truly incredible feat of architectural brilliance towering 71 meters in height built-in 1892.

This cathedral offers you beautiful sights of exquisite stained glass art windows amazing Gothic architecture and is a work-in-progress for over 100 years. Visiting the Cathedral to learn of its history is also best done while on a guided tour to maximize the experience.

Visit New York Times Square.

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This is also a place steeped in American history, a truly impressive location that has become commercialized considering that it is a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. See The Lights and brightly lit huge billboards and experience best enjoyed at night while enjoying the vibrant hustle and bustle of friendly crowds the majority being tourists just like you.

The “Old Times Square” is actually near Broadway close to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and unfortunately, this has become quite run down due to neglect.

The “New Times Square”, is located quite a few blocks away from the old Times Square, and is now more tourist and family-friendly, offering lots to do in theatres, lovely restaurants and smart hotels. Tourists can have fun shopping seeing the sights the lights while enjoying the vibrant nightlife in Times Square.

Visit The Towering Empire State Building.

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Located on 5th Avenue this famous building has been a scene in many a Hollywood movie and was one of the United States tallest buildings. The Empire state building is a scene shown in many Hollywood films like the famous King Kong movie first made in 1933. Towering a massive 444 meters in height or 1455 ft in height it is truly a marvel of a structure and a historical landmark of New York.

This building claimed and held the title of the worlds tallest building for over 40 years a symbol of the economic power of the whole United States.

Ride to the top and see a panoramic view of the city when available and best done with professional tour groups for the best experience.

Visit New York Carnegie Hall.

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The most amazingly talented artists, performers and musicians have performed in this historic Carnegie Hall and if possible buy tickets to see a performance that will leave you in awe. If not available you can still visit and see the beauty of this incredible building that boasts many pictures of past performers and performances there and superb architectural designs.

Carnegie Hall located in midtown Manhattan consists of three distinct structures – the Main Hall that offers a seating capacity of a massive 2804 guest, the Chamber Music Hall, and the recital hall.

Visit the New York Chrysler Building.

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An amazing feat of artistic architecture the Chrysler Building is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. You will have to choose specific tours to get the most out of visiting this beautiful structure where you are able to visit the lobby, but only business people and lessees are allowed to go to access the building and the top floors. The Chrysler building claimed the feat of being the tallest building in New York after being completed in May 1930, taken over by the Empire State Building when it was completed.

Visit the World Trade Centre Site.

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This ground zero memorial sites of the horrific September 11th terrorist attacks is now a popular attraction for tourists and visitors a fine tribute of remembrance of the victims of the disaster.

The twin towers have been replaced with beautiful memorial pools documenting the history of the W-T-C attack and while visiting you will feel humbled and awed.

Besides these incredible landmarks that you can see while visiting New York you will enjoy the deep cultural experience, fine dining, and rushed excitement that makes this city unique.

New York has some of the most exciting clubs and nightlife entertainment you can dream of with fabulous fine dining at many well-known restaurants, while there is also a  shopping mecca where you can buy anything you desire from hot fashion to the newest technology.

You can also visit New York City with peace of mind considering that it has a low crime rate compared to many of America’s largest cities.

Surprisingly enough crime rate is relatively low in New York City with a safety index of around 70% in tourist focussed areas.  Crimes are most likely in other areas like the Bronx, Harlem and other boroughs. Find some excellent travel deals to visit wherever you dream of on Cheap Holidays Abroad Travel Supplier.


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