Visiting Australia: A Wonderful Destination for Bucket List Dream Travel!

Holidays Visiting Australia

Look Forward to an Incredible Travel Adventure and a Memorable Holiday Experience When Visiting Australia!

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Visiting Australia Gold Coast

‘Come Tie Me kangaroo Down Sport’ When Visiting Australia.

Many people have a dream of visiting Australia on their bucket lists and it certainly is a wonderful dream travel destination everyone loves.

There are simply amazing activities, adventures, sightseeing, indigenous wildlife and culture to immerse yourself in when you visit this beautiful country.  It is a popular tourist destination attracting millions of visitors from all over the world so take advantage of some amazing deals to visit the land down under by clicking some of the options listed here!

Search Out Sightseeing and Activities in Australia


Whether your dream is visiting Australia for a beach holiday or to see some of the amazing sights and wildlife; rest assured you will find a holiday here for every taste, and it is also perfect to visit any time during the year.

Australia also known as The Land Down Under is also a perfect family holiday destination,as a matter of fact many visitors from the United Kingdom return to live there permanently after visiting Australia.

Visit Wonderful Australia From East to West!

Many people choose to holiday in Sydney where you can experience the full cosmopolitan lifestyle, while a close second for beach lovers is visiting the epic Gold Coast known to be the surfer’s paradise with wonderful beaches where you can soak up the sun and enjoy relaxing.

Don’t forget visiting Perth, another popular Australian city where you will find a modern hustling, bustling city surrounded by some of the most breathtaking and unspoiled countryside with beautiful panoramic sights stretching for miles in every direction.

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Australia Holidays

 Visiting Australia – Sydney

Sydney has some of the most incredible sights and awesome scenery of the close by Blue Mountains ranges, while in the near vicinity you will find the beach lovers paradise, namely Bondi beach which is extremely popular with tourists.

The Sydney inner city has some epic tourist attractions; which includes the amazing Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.  These sights should be visited during the daytime as well as at night when they are lit up making them truly remarkable sights to see.

Visiting Australia and flying directly to the country is no problem no matter where you live because there are dozens of international flights from all over the world arriving at the local city airports which also cater for domestic flights within Australia.

There are many direct flights of all airlines from international destinations that arrive in Sydney, including British Airways, Air France and Emirates for some examples.

Travelling around Sydney is pretty simple with a smart public bus and rail transport system or shuttles and taxis, but it is equally cost-effective if you want to rent a car while visiting if you are planning trips between towns.

From December through to February it is Summer in Sydney so if you want to escape the winter cold this is a great time to travel to Australia.

The Autumn months are March to May, with Winter from June to August, although it is mostly quite mild.  Spring months are from mid-March through to May.

Visiting Australia for your festive season holidays are a great way to cross this destination off your bucket list and perfect if you want to get away from the cold weather making it a popular destination for British and American tourists which experience winter during the festive seasons.

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Sydney Australia harbor Bridge

Holiday Accommodation While Visiting Australia?

There are options in hotels, resorts and holiday rentals to suit every budget right up to luxury 5-star accommodations so there is definitely something for everyone and if you choose all-inclusive deals your holiday budget will go a lot further.

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If you want assistance to plan your bucket list travel then our travel partners will offer you a personalized holiday planning experience so that you can enjoy seeing the best possible attractions in Sydney, so if visiting Australia is on your Bucket List of dream travel book today!

Visiting Australia’s Fabulous Gold Coast

Beach lovers will love the beautiful Gold Coast which is a surfer and sun-seekers paradise.  This is the ultimate place where everyone can spend days basking in the sun and if you like to participate in all sorts of water sports activities.

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vacations Australia Gold Coast

The closest international airport is the Brisbane airport, located 80kms to the North and is used by most airlines.

However, if you are already visiting Australia you can get there using the closest domestic airports, and from there rent a car and drive to your preferred destinations and accommodations.

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The Gold Coast has some of the most stunning beaches you will ever, see stretching in every direction.  Nearby these beaches there is lush vegetation and tropical forests with the majestic city skyline looming far behind, high in the distance.

For vacation activities there are some great theme parks, sightseeing tours to main attractions and some popular zoos where you can see Australia’s unique wildlife.

Visiting Perth, Australia – Located to the West

The City of Perth has everything for family holidaymakers and you will love the city centre bursting with interesting tourist attractions and sightseeing.  All this intertwined by the gorgeous river and parks which enhance the beauty of this city.

The entire West Coast of Australia is served by Perth’s International Airport offering convenience for international arrivals and domestic flights alike.

The airport offers transportation to your accommodation destinations via shuttle bus, taxis and rental cars, or you can choose the reliable rail system that can also take you to nearby cities like Fremantle.

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Visiting Australia Perth

There are many wonderful guided tours available in Perth to see the sights including Tour Buses to show the main attractions of the area.

Accommodation is also available here for all holiday budgets from luxury high end 5 stars to family-friendly hotels.

The region also offers miles of surfing coastline and secluded beaches which you can enjoy exploring with a relatively calm ocean for cooling off when it feels too warm.

Look forward to exciting sightings of Dolphins and Whales and if you like, consider doing some fabulous reef snorkelling to see the beauty of the ocean reefs and marine life below the waves.

Wine lovers should take a trip to the Margaret River region that boasts over 60 wonderful Australian wineries you can visit on specific guided tours that include sampling.

The comfortable, warm climate makes Perth a perfect family holiday destination all year round and the Summer temperatures often range between 29 to 32 Celsius, perfect for relaxing on the beach and surf.

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Visiting Australia Deals

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