Visiting Fiji Islands is More Than Just Your Average Holiday! It’s Something Uniquely Special in a Dream Travel Destination!

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Dream Travel Awaits When Visiting Fiji islands, a Beautiful Tropical Paradise That Will Set Your Spirit Free!

Fiji Islands

Plan Your Visit To The Fiji Islands or Add It To Your Bucket List of Travel Destinations Today!

Visiting the Fiji Islands offers you both an exquisite and unique travel adventure that will make for an unforgettable memory of a lifetime, and it is dream travel that should definitely be added to your bucket lists. Below we also show you recommended accommodation options and some super activities to look forward to when you visit the fabulous islands in Fiji.

Plan a trip to the tropical paradise of Fiji and look forward to the most spectacular experience, one that will forever remain impressed in your heart.

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Fiji Island Dream Travel

There are also super vacation activities, attractions, adventure experiences and sightseeing, and with such an enormous variety of different travel options on offer, it will be difficult to choose because each experience offers its own unique adventure and enjoyment.

Travel to the Taveuni Island, which is located where each new day begins, situated on the 180 degrees meridian line north of the Fiji Islands.  The island is an Eco-tourists dream boasting lush jungles, indigenous wildlife, waterfalls and stunning luxurious resorts surrounded by nature.

Browse Fabulous Activities Visiting Fiji Islands

This is an island that offers breath taking tropical waters and picturesque villages, indigenous cultures and of course the enjoyment of having two days in one because of its location!

Our vacations and adventure packages to the Fiji Islands will make for a magical getaway vacation experience of a lifetime and there is no doubt you will be back more than a few times.

Fiji Islands Accommodation Search

Visiting Fiji Islands

Bask on glorious beaches around gorgeous coastlines, where you can enjoy fun activities like snorkelling and game fishing, soaking up the lovely warm tropical sunshine, breathtaking sightseeing, and fine dining where you will taste exceptional indigenous cuisine.

This all comes as a part of the uniqueness that visiting Fiji Islands will offer anyone looking for a destination with a difference.

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Plan your bucket list dream travel with a budget beating holiday a package that will suit any taste from luxury to standard accommodation options which are perfect for families.

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Treasure island Resort

Check out the rates on our premium travel partners website relevant to your preferred destination and book early to enjoy the best rates and great package deals. Honeymooners will also love visiting Fiji Islands especially the Avenue island which is certainly a romantic and wonderful destination to celebrate your love and begin your life together.

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Visiting Fiji and the island of Taveuni is the popular choice for travellers all over the world and you can look forward to a magical vacation, that caters for young and old, the adventurous and the sightseer.

Accommodation at The Treasure Island Resort When Visiting Fiji Islands.

If you are planning a honeymoon visiting the Fiji Islands, choose accommodation at the gorgeous and tranquil Treasure Island Resort which awaits you, with luxury amenities, great cuisine and friendly staff.

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Book Accommodation for Visiting Fiji Islands

Choose Treasure Island for a family getaway and a bit of a slowdown from the hustle and bustle of city life, the resort has the ultimate choice in accommodation options and great rates are available for families too.

Here you can treat yourself and forget your cares with the luxury accommodation offered by Treasure Island Resort the Fiji Travel destination of choice.  They have everything required to provide you with an unforgettable experience and a tranquil, carefree vacation that you and your family can enjoy on this gorgeous tropical paradise island in Fiji.

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Treasure Island Resort Fiji

The gorgeous garden island resort is situated on a little piece of heaven in the beautiful surroundings of lush tropical island greenery surrounded by beautiful volcanic hills and close to the coast of scenic beauty.

This awesome resort offers all this with wonderful facilities and some exclusive furnishings depicting the local cultures giving it a charming and simplistic feel.

If you are looking to enjoy a variety of activities, you have a choice of many including water sports, diving,  deep-sea angling, water skiing or visiting gorgeous rolling tropical indigenous flowers and beautiful plants, perhaps you would rather choose a more tranquil and peaceful sightseeing trip to investigate the Fiji time meridian?

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Fiji Island Resort

Enjoy luxurious accommodation in our beautifully furnished rooms with spectacular views of lush greenery and think of nothing more than being in harmony with nature.

You will Find The Treasure Island Resort offers you various flexible standard or premium accommodation package rates that you can browse through on their website.

Experience the true friendliness of Fijian locals and the friendly resort staff that will cater to your every need and will make sure that you enjoy the best possible service for a vacation accommodation that is just like your home away from home.

Your ticket to getting away from it all when life gets too much is as simple as a tranquil Fiji travel getaway with this premium resort choice for your accommodation.

Click Below to Book Accommodation at The Treasure Island Resort in Fiji

Visit The Fiji Islands

You will be back to vacation year after year to Fiji because the Treasure Island Garden Resort is truely remarkable and a tranquil getaway perfect for honeymoon or a special holiday. 

Magnificent views with the unsurpassed combination of luxury facilities and spectacular sunsets are just a small part of enjoyment visitors can treat themselves to on this beautiful island, one of the many you will discover when visiting Fiji Islands.

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Fiji Resort Accommodations


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